ALBUM REVIEW: Overdrive – Breathe Atlantis

Metalcore Outfit BREATHE ATLANTIS continued to impress as they progressed throughout their careers. Acquire shows with likes of SUM 41, BURY TOMORROW and CROSS FAITH show that they are not a band to be taken lightly. Their latest outing Overdrive is now available via nascent empire and is about to make the whole statement.

break the silence don’t mess around, get stuck straight into meaty hooks and powerful melodies. Dynamism and bouncy energy is a great way to kick off this release. Overdrive continues the enthusiastic rhythm with pulsing drums and piercing cries. The contagious refrain takes root in your eardrums. The heavy breakdown rushing towards the final stages adds a particularly emphatic moment. Saviour has a dramatic and evocative narrative that many listeners will relate to. Orchestral elements are an effective touch and enhance the overall mood of the room.

Earthquake boasts an upbeat and punchy vibe that is enhanced by the hard-hitting drum work featured. Smooth transitions between clean and aggressive vocal styles help add variety. dead and buried arrives like a bullet of speed, displaying an addictive beat that might turn out to be the perfect live anthem. Vivid energy blasts will be a surefire way to whip a crowd into a frenzy. heavy hearts presents a dark but poignant soundscape that is full of emotive tones. Crisp riffs and rage-filled vocal segments get the adrenaline pumping.

Changes keeps the intensity going with another set of powerful instruments that strongly encourage you to shake your head in rhythm. Another impressive chorus line follows, the soft vocal work has a fragile yet soothing quality. gates of hell delivers another passionate output that twists and turns through varied tones. There’s an abundance of frenetic riffs to chew on. Lively, prominent basslines set the stage for The lowthe chorus also does a great job of filling your veins with that euphoric feeling. Descent has the unenviable task of closing this release, but is up for the challenge. The momentum continues to flow and although the track doesn’t quite have the vigor of some of its counterparts, it still provides a solid track full of effective melodies.

Overdrive isn’t particularly innovative when it comes to the genre, but there’s an impressive sense of cohesion and a high level of quality that shines through. BREATHE ATLANTIS certainly know how to write a catchy hook and create attractive leads brimming with confidence. There’s enough variety in this offering that keeps it from becoming overly safe or predictable and surely being well-received by all previous listeners.

Rating: 8/10

Overdrive is now available through Arising Empire.

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