Atlantis Exchange Airdrops $2 Billion in Atlantis Coins for Global Signups and Referrals

SEATTLE, WA, March 21, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Atlantis Exchange is pleased to announce that its official platform for buying, selling and earning cryptocurrencies has begun airdropping $2 billion of Atlantis Coins (“ATC”) to individuals and legal entities (“Person”) for their registrations and recommendations on its platform.

According to Atlantis Exchange, any natural and/or legal person has the right to receive the Atlantis Coins airdropped immediately upon completion of registration and verification of an account through the user’s registered email.

Please note :

1) One Account / Person ONLY. Any attempt to set up multiple accounts will automatically DISQUALIFY you from receiving funds dropped by Atlantis.

2) After your registration is complete, please check if you have received your 1000 ATC signup bonus in your Atlantis Wallet, then familiarize yourself with all the UNIQUE features of Atlantis Exchange that other exchanges may not have – be NOT at all.

3) If you are existing users, you can earn airdropped ATC by referring your social media friends to join Atlantis Exchange. Once your referrals have created Atlantis accounts, please check if you have received your referral rewards in your Atlantis wallet.

4) First come, first rewarded. This airdrop will CONTINUE until the intended funds are fully distributed to qualified global users.

5) All cryptocurrencies listed on Atlantis Exchange are tradable in US Dollars. This means that any of its registered users can easily convert cryptocurrency to US dollars at any time.

6) Atlantis Exchange offers all users the fairest trading fees at 0.1%, which is probably the best in the global cryptocurrency space, while VIP users can enjoy fee rates of trading much lower on the Atlantis Exchange platform.

Because all sign-up bonuses and referral rewards are given to your Atlantis Wallet INSTANTLY and there are NO CAPS to limit your earnings, the sooner you join Atlantis Exchange, the more crypto you can earn – Cashable coins!

To register and receive your bonus and rewards, please click on the following URL:

Hurry up, friends and colleagues!

Launched in May 2021 and migrated to BSC in January 2022, Atlantis Coin (Symbol: ATC) is a GREEN cryptocurrency designed for metaverse applications and served as a native token for MetaPay. As a business project, its ecosystem, which will be fully released for global use in 2022, is developed in accordance with the latest blockchain technology from MIT and Oxford University. Based on millions of existing holders, Atlantis Coin is believed to have GREATER potential for rapid growth and long-term economic value than any other coin. For more information about ATC, see the following:

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As a professional platform registered with the United States Department of the Treasury and the United Nations, Atlantis Exchange is a high-tech, high-speed blockchain-based cross-chain platform that enables MILLIONS of global users to buy, sell, store, and earn cryptocurrencies and fiat money based on its secure website and dApp. All of its activities comply with US law. As of March 20, 2022, the Atlantis Exchange Facebook page has OVER 222,000 followers, which ranks #3 among all official cryptocurrency exchange pages on the Facebook platform. For more information, see the following:

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