Atlantis Skateway is closing after 47 years of fun

GREENACRES, Fla. — A landmark in Palm Beach County is closing in late August. The Atlantis Skateway in Greenacres is shutting down after 47 years of serving up good times and fun.

Many people like Michelle Bonan put on a pair of skates for another go-around.

Bonan remembers feeling emotional walking through the gates of the Atlantis rink, lacing up a pair of skates, and touching the ground.

“It was a great experience. I came with a few friends from school,” Bonan said. “I had never been here before, and it was great.”


Michelle Bonan says she has been visiting the Atlantis ice rink since she was a child.

Over the years, she continued to show up to skate.

“If I wasn’t in school, my mom would drop me off here until closing time,” she said.

She became friends with the owner and a lifelong friend with the owner’s daughter, Britni Murphy. She said it hurts to know the place is closing.

“I was very, very, sad. I was actually heartbroken,” Bonan said.

Atlantis Skateway opened in Greenacres in 1975.

“In the early ’80s, late ’70s, we had 500 a night and then everyone was skating,” Murphy said.

For the past two decades, Murphy has run the place. She said that over the years interest in skating has fluctuated. However, recently his family made the difficult decision to close the skate center.

Britni Murphy, owner of Atlantis Skateway


Britni Murphy discusses the difficult decision to close the Atlantis ice rink in Greenacres, Florida.

“With the cost of doing business these days, it’s tough, much tougher,” Murphy said. “Insurance, taxes, anything business-related, it was definitely a tough decision.”

Over the years Murphy and his family have met some great people and families. She said it’s the relationships she’ll miss the most.

“We hope we’ve touched many families over the years and made many friends and family over the years,” Murphy said. “I may be an only child, but I have lots of siblings thanks to this building.”

The last day for Atlantis Skateway is August 20, but they go out with a bang by being open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.