Blu Atlas Atlantis review: What’s the hype about?

If you’re like me and spend some time scouring the internet for the best new products on the market, you’ve probably seen Blu Atlas’ Atlantis floating around. It has consistently been named the Best Men’s Cologne of 2022, Sexiest Men’s Cologne, and Best Young Men’s Cologne. Those are pretty incredible distinctions, but that doesn’t tell us everything we need to know about fragrance. That’s why we have to answer the real question: is Atlantis worth the hype?

Atlantis is the signature cologne from New York-based natural skincare brand Blu Atlas, which has seemingly taken over the world of men’s skincare over the past year with its simple formulas, easy to understand ingredients and its 100% money back guarantee. The brand prioritizes natural yet scientifically proven ingredients like Aloe Vera and seaweed extract for their skin, hair and care products. Does the same standard hold for Atlantis?

According to the brand, Atlantis is a 100% vegan and all-natural cologne that contains no artificial fragrances, which in itself is a rarity in the perfume world. But what exactly does Blu Atlas smell like?

I set out to answer all of these questions and more in my Blu Atlas Atlantis review.

The smell

Reminiscent of the curation behind Blu Atlas’ entire line of self-care and grooming products, Atlantis is simple in its note variation. It’s not a complex, layered fragrance like Armani’s Acqua di Gio which is brimming with citrus, aromatic, marine undertones, spice, musk, woodsy scents, florals and fruits. And while it doesn’t encompass the entire scent wheel, it’s arguably as fresh and clean as a scent like Acqua di Gio.

Atlantis opens with a luminous and ultra-fragrant top note of bergamot. As a citrus top note, bergamot gives the fragrance an immediate sensation of joy and juiciness. It’s fun, fragrant, and fresh like any citrus note, but it’s inherently more lively and interesting than other citrus relatives like lemon and lime. Bergamot is complex: it is bright and refreshing but also earthy and slightly spicy. The sharpness doesn’t linger long though, serving only as a warm welcome to the fresh scent that is Atlantis.

Clary sage is the heart note of the perfume. At the heart of the fragrance, clary sage brings a little sweetness to Atlantis with its green, herbaceous attitude and amber undertones. To finish the fragrance, the subtle freshness of clary sage blends perfectly with the richness of patchouli. Patchouli is inherently strong, so it makes the perfect base note. It has often been described as a sweet, earthy aroma, similar to the smell of damp ground after a rain. Its musky character solidifies Atlantis as an earthy, woody scent for the modern man.

Longevity, life expectancy

Seeing that Atlantis is an eau de parfum, you immediately know that the scent has more depth and lasting power than its lighter cousin, the eau de toilette. To test the wear time of Atlantis, I applied the scent to pulse points like the inside of my wrists and neck. This is key to getting the most out of any scent since pulse points (such as the wrists, neck, jawline, inside of elbows and behind the knees) are areas of the body where blood vessels blood come closer to the skin. They tend to be warmer areas of the body, which helps the scent diffuse and stay on the skin longer.

And while my daily activities changed, Atlantis’ wear time was fairly consistent, lasting on my skin four to six hours. That’s the standard wear time for a good eau de parfum, so in that regard, Atlantis definitely checks all the boxes.

The bottle

The importance of the packaging and presentation of a cologne varies depending on the user. Some customers only want to buy a perfume that looks as good as it smells, while others might care less about the bottle as long as the scent inside is spectacular. Luckily, Atlantis’ minimal, transparent bottle is suitable for both types of cologne wearers.

The sleek clear glass bottle and minimal white typography are casually elegant, similar to the aesthetic of Bleu de Chanel. It’s not loud or sticky; it is timeless. The bottle is one you will love now and ten years from now. Plus, since the bottle is fully translucent, it’s easy to see when you’re running low and need to buy a new one.

The ideal carrier

There aren’t many people that Atlantis wouldn’t suit. Because the scent profile is simple and sophisticated, it’s especially fantastic for those who don’t want a cologne on your face but rather appreciate the sumptuousness of a clean, well-formulated scent.

This fragrance is said to be for men who defy convention, and after doing my Blu Atlas Atlantis cologne review, I would agree. His approach is unique but not off-putting. So it’s even a safe buy for men who don’t defy convention and want a pleasant cologne to wear day or night.

Is it a good buy?

Atlantis sells for $100 on the Blu Atlas website and comes in a size of 3.4 ounces or 100ml. It’s really comparable to other popular men’s colognes on the market, including Y Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent, which sells for $132 for a 3.4-ounce bottle, or Sauvage Eau de Toilette. from Dior, which is $104 for a 3.4-ounce bottle. .

Blu Atlas is also offering customers an option where they can purchase two bottles of Atlantis at 10% off or $90 each, or customers can order three bottles at 15% off or $85 each. This is not only a great way to save when ordering Atlantis, but it’s also a great opportunity to gift the fragrance to a friend, family member, or partner at a discounted rate.

Dollar value aside, Blu Atlas is 100% worth the investment. Not only does the scent last a while, but it’s one you can find again and again. It’s clean and sleek for office wear or formal events, but it’s casual enough for days working from home or lounging on the couch. And when you’re tired of carrying it alone (if you’re bored, that is), Atlantis layers well with virtually all other scented colognes, perfumes and body care products, which means you can always find a reason to wear it.