Is Atlantis in the Pacific? Yellow Brick Road Under The Sea Fuels Theories, Internet Disagrees

A deep-sea survey in one of the world’s largest marine conservation areas has revealed an alarming sight. Researchers from the Ocean Exploration Trust were leading the expedition when they came across what appeared to be a tarmac road. The cobblestone region was observed using the exploration vessel Nautilus and has been dubbed the “yellow brick road” and the “road to Atlantis” by researchers.

According to the Nautilus website, the ship was spying around the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument (PMNM) off the Hawaiian Islands at the time of the discovery. PMNM is a World Heritage Site that spans 15 lakh square kilometers and covers the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Researchers observed this scene while investigating Lili’uokalani’s crest on the Nautilus. The EV Nautilus captured the moment it fell onto the cobbled road-like structure. It is not, however, a route to Atlantis, the legendary metropolis. In fact, according to Nautilus’ YouTube page, it’s just “an example of ancient active volcanic geology.”


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The vessel was approximately 1,000 meters underwater when it struck a seemingly dry surface, which was surprising given its location. “It’s strange,” commented a scientist. “It’s like brick.” At Nootka Seamount, which is considered a shallow research site, Nautilus helped bring this discovery to light. In the PMNM there are several places with depths greater than 3,000 meters. The PMNM is a large area, and only about 3% of it has been explored so far.

Researchers have found a new route that could lead to “Atlantis”. (Photo: EVNautilus/YouTube)

Since April 2022, Nautilus has been exploring this area and its surroundings. And the best part about these expeditions is that they can be watched live by anyone with internet access, and many are interested in watching them. The Ocean Exploration Trust aspires to explore depths never before reached by man to better understand the Earth’s underlying geology. Speaking of the live videos, many people shared their comments on Twitter.

Internet users claimed that this area could be “Lumeria” and not “Atlantis”. (Photo: EVNautilus/YouTube)

One user wrote, “This is Lumeria, not Atlantis. Atlantis is where the Azores and Lumeria are near Hawaii. Another person wrote: “Atlantis is now Antarctica, what do you think they have been doing there since at least WWII? They got some ancient technology (which is more advanced than ours) from Vostok,” while another said, “Doubtful. Atlantis was never postulated in the Pacific. It doesn’t make much sense, really. How would the Mediterranean people have heard of it? If it ever existed, of course. Another person wrote: “Every major government has known where Atlantis is for some time now. There will be a war in the Pacific for this lost city. Lots of lost knowledge waiting to be recovered.

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