Mysterious five-mile-long ‘UFO’ on Google Maps ‘could be the lost city of Atlantis’, says crazy conspiracy theorist

An alien-hunting conspiracy theorist claims to have found a five-mile-long UFO in the middle of the sea.

Scott C. Waring has revealed footage of a disc-shaped dome spotted near Peru and believes it’s “the right size and shape to be the lost city of Atlantis”.


The shape of the circle is apparently eight kilometers long1 credit

“I long believed (it) was an alien craft that floated on the ocean, then submerged later,” he wrote on his sketchy blog. Daily UFO sightings.

The self-proclaimed ufologist thinks this is evidence of “ancient aliens” and says their technology is just “sitting at the bottom of the ocean”.

Using numerical rulers, he estimates that the perfect circle is about eight kilometers wide.

The dubious spotting was spotted just off the Nazca Desert in southern Peru.

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Nazca is actually home to the so-called Nazca Lines, a bunch of geoglyphs in the ground.

They date back to around 500 BC and 500 AD.

Waring can’t help but connect the two, saying, “These Nazca lines are supposed to be designs to welcome the god.

“At the time, such alien technology flying in the sky could easily be mistaken for gods.”

Although the circle is odd, it’s probably something quite innocuous.

This isn’t the first time the bonkers conspiracy theorist has made wild claims about things spotted on Google Maps and more.

He previously found a face resembling the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates on Mars, suggesting it may have come from the Red Planet.

The internet madman even suggested that there was an ancient alien temple on Mars.

A conspiracy theorist thinks it could be


Conspiracy theorist thinks it could be ‘ancient aliens’1 credit

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