10 Best Shows Like We Own This Town

A 2017 police corruption scandal is at the heart of HBO’s new miniseries We own this towndevelopped by Thread and Homicide: life on the street designer David Simon. With this pedigree of talent behind the show, it’s no wonder the show has received overwhelming critical praise.

But, as noted, this is a miniseries that will end once its six episodes air. Fans of the series need not worry as there are plenty of shows like We own this town there to enjoy it.


ten Thread

Detectives McNulty and Greggs in their police car in The Wire promo

There’s no better place to start than the spiritual predecessor of We own this townprevious Thread. Considered one of the best television shows of all time, Thread redefined what could be done on a crime drama, as well as how to tell a story about a city (Baltimore) through a large set.

A show full of twists and turns, Thread tells the story of Baltimore as seen through its politicians, criminals, law enforcement, journalists and other citizens. Inspired by David Simon’s earlier work as a journalist for the Baltimore Sunthe show features many fascinating characters and thrilling drama.

9 The corner

Gary and Francine argue in The Corner

Just before Threadhowever, David Simon created another series for HBO in 2000, this one also a six-part miniseries titled The corner. To like Homicidethe show is based on a book co-written by Simon, although in this case the focus is on a single poor family living in a corner residence in Baltimore, in a popular drug-dealing neighborhood.

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David Simon loves the city of Baltimore, with We own this town marking his fourth show in the Maryland city. It’s a bit older and a short watch, but a very good watch.

8 The shield

Michael Chiklis The Shield FX

An FX offer that lasted seven seasons between 2002 and 2008, The shield follows police officers who are at the center of a Los Angeles Police Department task force to deal with gang activity and drug trafficking. What becomes clear, however, is that the team is often as corrupt as the culprits, featuring some of the dirtiest television cops of all time.

To like We own this town, The shield was inspired by an actual scandal, in this case the Rampart Division scandal within the LAPD. Rockstar Games also used the scandal as inspiration, with the CRASH team in grand theft auto san andreas being taken directly from real life.

7 Law and order: organized crime

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit surpassed the series of its previous series in 2020 in terms of airtime, and a year later produced its own spin-off, Law and order: organized crime. The show follows former SVU detective Elliot Stabler as he works to dismantle organized crime networks in New York City.

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unlike others Law and order shows, Organized crime follows an ongoing story as opposed to an episode-of-the-week storyline. As of this writing, it currently features Stabler investigating organized crime in the NYPD, referring to We own this town and The shield Especially.

6 American crime history

After half a decade of success with their anthology horror series american horror storythe showrunners decided to take the anthology format and apply it to real crimes with the appropriate title American crime history.

In its three seasons so far, the show has dramatized the OJ Simpson murder trial, the murder of Gianni Versace and the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, with a fourth season reportedly set around the Studio 54 nightclub. from the 1970s. For those who enjoy true crime dramatizations, the show is a must see.

5 The act

Patricia Arquette and Joey King in The Act Season 1 Hulu

A 2019 true crime drama miniseries from Hulu, The act is based on the true story of a girl, Gypsy, who murdered her mother Dee Dee because the latter allegedly abused her daughter and faked her daughter’s illnesses and disabilities.

The act is one of the best Hulu Originals ever made, and for fans of the genre, it certainly deserves a watch, especially because of the performance. However, the ethical issues surrounding true-crime dramas are certainly present here, so know that this concerns you, in case it interests you as a viewer.

4 The staircase

Colin Firth and Toni Collette in HBO Max's The Staircase

If we can say that HBO has a lot going for it, it seems like it would be a detective mini-series, like the very recent HBO Max The staircase is another entry in this genre. However, it’s definitely one of the best of the bunch, with a star turn from Colin Firth.

Based on a 2004 true crime series covering the same event, the show follows Firth as British novelist Michael Peterson, convicted of the murder of his wife, whose body was found at the bottom of the titular staircase. The show is still airing, so saying more would be a disservice.

3 Under the banner of heaven

Detective Pyre at UTBOH

Andrew Garfield’s chops as an actor first caught the attention of mainstream Americans with The social network and then The Amazing Spider-Man cinematic duology. In the new Hulu series Under the banner of heavenhowever, the actor can once again show off his dramatic qualities, this time in television series format.

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Garfield plays Detective Jeb Pyre, who investigates the murder of a Mormon mother and her child who appears to be connected to the Mormon church. Based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Jon Krakauer, the still-running miniseries is pretty compelling.

2 Narcos

Narcos Pablo Escobar

With its first two seasons centered on dramatizing the reign of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar as one of the most dangerous criminals of his time, the Netflix original series Narcos managed to become one of the best crime dramas of all time.

With Season 4, however, the show pivoted to tell a whole new story about Mexican drug cartels, and there are plenty of real-life stories about the cartels. Narcos could use in the future, as the show has done well in reinventing itself. Even though it’s now a true-crime anthology series, there hasn’t been a disappointing season yet.

1 Boardwalk Empire

Steve Buscemi in Boardwalk Empire

Steve Buscemi proved he had more than comedic talent with his starring role as politician and de facto mobster Nucky Thompson in HBO’s period drama Boardwalk Empirea character based on the real Nucky Johnson.

Even though it’s a period piece set in Atlantic City during Prohibition, the series definitely has appeal for fans of crime shows set in modern times. With a run of five seasons over four years, the series managed to create thrilling drama until the very end.

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