Album Review: Seize Atlantis | Nipperville

GLENS FALLS – With their latest self-titled album, local alternative rock band Seize Atlantis released a solid, albeit short, EP that lets listeners quickly know where they draw their influence from. The band, consisting of James Mullen on guitar and vocals, Mike Dardas on bass and vocals, Luc Bourgault on guitar and vocals, and Cody Platt on drums, all incorporate their respective parts into the songs of a well-arranged manner that makes each song extremely accessible, offering a short collection of tracks that are finished before you know it.

With the intro track, “Atlas Shrugged”, the album begins with a simple drum pattern soon followed by full instrumentation. The tones are extremely reminiscent of Dion’s ‘Runaround Sue’, as well as other songs from that era. The guitar sound of that decade is well captured in this piece, using a Vox AC15. The song ends with a long instrumental section.

The next song, “Paradise Lost”, changes genre quite abruptly. It’s much more alternative and draws tastefully from influences such as 1990s rock. The bass breaks after the choruses are extremely well thought out and well received. Another highlight lies in the vocal part; the repetitive nature of the song’s melody doesn’t take anything away, but rather helps make the song more memorable and stays stuck in the ears of new listeners. After an instrumental guitar section that occurs during the second half of the song, the band returns to one final chorus before the song ends.

“Imperius Rex (Sixteen Atlantis)”, closes the album. What really stands out for me in this track is the odd meter that is scattered throughout it. On top of that, the bass line is solid and – for this listener – the most enjoyable part. Whatever vocal effect is applied to James’ main track, I’d bet it’s some sort of tape delay effect, which really brings out the melody in the song’s arrangement. To end the album, a beautiful vocal outro section is highlighted with solid instrumentation. Perhaps the strongest of the three, it’s the best song to end this particular record.

The Sixteen Atlantis album pays homage to a variety of different acts and genres spanning several decades. While the record is enjoyable, it’s this listener’s opinion that Mullen (lead songwriter) hasn’t reached his limits, and I can’t wait to see even more artistic development from him on the way. coming. You can listen Seize Atlantis on all major streaming platforms, or support the band directly by purchasing here.