And supposedly it’s Atlantis |

Cass Elliot: We used to have duck-and-blanket drills at school, where they’d ring a bell all day, sometimes five or six times a day, and we’d crawl under our desks and put our hands like that to protect the back of the neck from the bomb.

Nick Zed 🙁laugh) It really has nothing to do with waveless cinema. It’s not original.

Elliot: It didn’t work. What value can it have?

Zedd: But sometimes things that are buried and ignored and marginalized by one generation are then revered in the future when people look back to see what had some purity.

Elliot: Apparently a temple has been spotted protruding two feet above the surface of the sea in very well-navigated waters near Bimini off the coast of Florida. And this is supposedly Atlantis.


Zedd: The last time I heard of him, he called me from a motel somewhere drunk to the hilt claiming he was going to lead a paramilitary operation in Central America to save souls.

Elliot: I think he could change a lot of people’s minds.

Zedd: He would make all the noise and wake me up. He robbed everyone.

Elliot: He may even have been a bad person, or a rapist, or a walking hallucinogen, or whatever. But he didn’t have to die.

Zedd: God is not a necessary concept.


Elliot: I called him and for about three weeks we hung out and talked, swam in my pool and played with my baby.

Zedd: I guess there were some things we had in common: we were all the same age and lived in the same neighborhood.

Elliot: You know, I sang on their record.

Zedd: They stopped arbitrarily in 1987.

Elliot: It’s in my contract.