Aquaman: King of Atlantis DVD Review

Aquaman: King of Atlantis begins with Aquaman beginning his first day on the job as King of Atlantis – and he’s got a lot of catching up to do. Luckily, he has his two royal advisers to back him up: the scholar Vulko and Mera, the water-controlling warrior princess. Between facing unscrupulous surface dwellers, ancient evils from beyond time, and his own half-brother out to overthrow him, Aquaman must rise to the challenge and prove to his subjects – and himself – even – that he is the true heir to the throne, and holder of the trident!

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Video quality

Aquaman: King of Atlantis comes on DVD with a standard definition transfer that looks great despite the lack of an HD option, which you can find on streaming. The disc lacks the definition that a Blu-Ray would provide, but it avoids an abundance of digital anomalies such as artifacts and digital noise. It’s a vibrant experience of vivid colors for most of the runtime, but it can’t match the vibrancy of a high-definition presentation. The discs deliver deep enough black levels for a clean, crush-free viewing experience. The animation style is one of the standout aspects of the series, and the line detail remains sufficiently strong throughout with only occasional instances of blurring along the edges. The DVD presentation is a great experience, but I would have loved to have it on Blu-Ray, even if it had to go the MOD route through Warner Archive.

Audio quality

This version has a Dolby Digital 5.1 track which does the job very well in the most exciting way. The music is integral to the tone of the show, and this track presents it with pleasing fidelity and clarity. Dialogue is rendered clearly without any clipping issues during more kinetic moments. There’s a lot of clout in the mix during the chaos of some outlandish situations and action showcases. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment did a great job with this audio track given the limitations of the format.

Special features

There are no special features provided on this disc.

Final Thoughts

Aquaman: King of Atlantis is a genuinely fun dive into this world that sets aside the events of any other take on the material and goes its own exciting way. There’s a sense of unwavering energy that keeps you deeply invested throughout these three parts, which is complemented by some really clever jokes and subversions of tropes. The humor certainly won’t be for everyone, but those who enjoy a candy-colored fever dream filled with clever humor should find it a good time. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has provided a DVD set with a very good A/V presentation that should please fans enough. If you’re a fan of the character or the voice talent, be sure to check this one out. Recommended

Aquaman: King of Atlantis is currently available for purchase on DVD.

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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided a free copy of this disc for review. All opinions expressed in this review are the honest reactions of the author.