Arceus Theory Teases Future Legendary Pokemon

The actual mythology that inspired Pokemon Legends: Arceus The latest Legendary Pokemon may provide a major clue to a future Pokemon. One of the new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is Enamorus, a Legendary Pokemon related to Storm, Thundurus, and Landorus. The four Pokémon are collectively known as the “Forces of Nature” and are believed to be responsible for changing the seasons. While Pokemon are most recognizable in their humanoid incarnate forms, each Pokemon also has a Therian form that looks more like some sort of animal. These Therian Forms not only provide a clue to their real origins, but could also provide a clue to a future Pokémon.

As most Pokemon fans know, the Forces of Nature are derived from the Four Symbols, mythological creatures from Chinese mythology. Tornado is based on the Vermilion Bird, Thundurus is based on the Azure Dragon, Landorus is derived from the White Dragon, and Enamorus is inspired by the Black Turtle. The four symbols represent not only one of the four seasons, but also a cardinal direction, a time of day and one of the traditional elements (such as wood, fire, water or metal).

All four symbols actually have a fifth mythological creature associated with them – the yellow dragon. The Yellow Dragon is an incarnation of the Yellow Emperor, an important Chinese symbol and deity. And some Pokemon fans are speculating that the Yellow Dragon could be used as the inspiration for a future Legendary Pokémon or even any “Master” Legendary Pokémon.

Many secondary Legendary Pokémon in the franchise are associated with some sort of “master” Pokémon. The Legendary Birds have Lugia as their master, while Ho-Oh dominates the Legendary Beasts. And while the Pokemon franchise has moved away from this type of grouping in recent years (Regigigas was the last “master” Legendary Pokemon introduced), recent games seem to show an openness to revisiting past groups of Legendary Pokemon. After all, Pokémon Sword and Shield introduced two new Legendary Golems while Enamorus debuted in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Of course, this is all just pointless speculation and theorizing, but it sounds like a pretty cool idea at first glance. Not only would this build on the existing mythology within the Pokemon franchise, but it would also acknowledge the real-world mythology that parts of the Pokemon franchise are inspired by.

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