Atlantic City Airport and Spirit Air get bad press

We are long-time Spirit Air customers.

We strongly believe they have a bad reputation.

Like everyone else, they have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic…staffing issues when crews get sick, or, “time-out”…when pilots have flown too many miles and need to be moved away in accordance with safety standards.

We boarded the Spirit Air flight this morning 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

The staff have been incredibly friendly and service minded.

Plus, the TSA experience at Atlantic City International Airport is nothing short of wonderful.

Everything from equipment problems…to staff shortages and inclement weather can affect travel plans.

Because human nature always seems to accentuate the negative… we wanted to share a positive and deserved comment.

Please excuse me now, as I have to turn off my phone now, as our flight leaves early.

I’m writing this because it’s nice… to write about something nice. We should all consider doing more.

Thank you Spirit Air and Atlantic City International Airport. We no longer say thank you, enough in our society.

Harry and Margie Hurley ‘selfies’.

Harry and Margie Hurley ‘selfies’.

PS: Don’t hate us, we decided to wear face masks on the plane. Most passengers on our plane do not wear face masks.

Spirit Airlines adds service to three new destinations from Atlantic City

Here’s what we know about the new routes: