Atlantic City BOE policy backs basketball coach candidate

We are reviewing the hiring of the next men’s basketball coach at Atlantic City High, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow night on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

This is one of the most coveted high school head coaching positions in the state of New Jersey. The rich tradition of the program is elitist in nature.

We have obtained additional information that appears to support Superintendent Wayne Nelson’s recommendation, which the Atlantic City School Board will review tomorrow evening.

Several Atlantic City Board of Education sources confirmed to us that Nelson had the votes to receive the job.

Atlantic City School Board policy regarding this type of hiring is detailed below. The area highlighted in yellow contains the relevant information regarding this controversy.

Atlantic City Public Schools – Board of Education Policy.

Atlantic City Public Schools – Board of Education Policy.

The policy clearly states that a certified substitute teacher candidate is eligible to be considered for the position of head coach.

We have confirmed that Wayne Nelson has a New Jersey substitute teacher certification and therefore qualifies under Atlantic City Board of Education policy.

The administration’s job posting does not mention that someone with a substitute teacher certification is eligible… However, Atlantic City School Board policy clearly confirms eligibility.

Robert Newman, a longtime certified full-time teacher, announced the process, without saying a bad word about Nelson.

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The Atlantic City School Board is set to hire Nelson tomorrow night.

It remains to be seen whether Newman will litigate the case in an attempt to challenge Atlantic City Public Schools’ wording for this job posting. See below.

Atlantic City Public Schools

Atlantic City Public Schools

The job posting clearly states that “priority will be given to New Jersey certified teacher applicants.”

If this decision is ultimately challenged, it seems open to interpretation as to whether the job offer will trump school board policy or vice versa?

We have reached out to Newman for comment on this development.

“Sometimes just because something looks legal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right thing to do. I still haven’t received a response as to why I wasn’t selected,” Newman said.

No matter how it turns out, not communicating with an unsuccessful candidate is highly unprofessional.

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