Atlantic City Electric offers tips to help customers weather the worst of storm season | Local News

BRIGANTINE — On the second day of hurricane season Thursday, Atlantic City Electric held its annual summer press conference to prepare the community for the upcoming storm season and educate people about various energy projects.

The conference, which had not taken place in several years due to pandemic restrictions, took place at Atlantic City Electric’s Brigantine substation, which had undergone upgrades over the past two years and was recommissioned last month.

Atlantic City Electric and the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness hosted the event.

Ben Armstrong, Director of Communications for Pepco Holdings, opened and closed the conference. Speakers included Karen Bew, Deputy Mayor of Brigantine; Andrew Sykes, Atlantic City Electric’s emergency preparedness manager; and Mark Pino, assistant emergency management coordinator for Atlantic County.

“Keeping an eye on the weather is one of the most important things customers need to do,” said Susan Coan, regional vice president of Atlantic City Electric, as she shared some tips with the small crowd at residents, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, utility workers, Atlantic City Electric workers and others present.

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Coan said that in addition to keeping an eye on the weather, people should have emergency kits with flashlights, batteries, a radio, bottled water and non-perishable food, medicine prescription essentials and first aid, and “everything you need to leave the house in a hurry”. ”

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“No area is safe from a storm,” Coan said.

Responders reiterated that it is important for survival to have a contingency plan, an alternate meeting place in the event of an extended outage, reviewing manufacturer’s instructions for generators, and having a survival USB drive. with important documents like identification, birth certificates and wills.

“Being ready for summer isn’t just about Atlantic City Electric. It’s up to our customers and the community to do what they have to do,” Pino said.

After the conference, Atlantic City Electric linemen Kenyatta Brown, Tim Hesse and others volunteered to perform a demonstration on live wires in emergency situations.

Brown and other volunteers used a fireman’s boot, a metal ladder and even an uncooked hot dog (meant to look like a human finger) to show what happens when these objects touch a live wire.

The boot and hot dog erupted in blue, green and yellow flames, while some protests featured loud booms from wires as they went down.

A passing resident on a bicycle stopped to ask Atlantic City Electric workers how to tell the difference between the wires. The workers told the man to stay clear of any fallen wires.

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