Atlantic City mayor arraigned June 28

Two weeks ago, we revealed that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and many other prominent Atlantic City figures had criminal complaints against them.

If you missed it, here’s a link to our May 18, 2022 coverage.

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Craig Callaway has just advised that these are potential foul play, therefore the charges will be heard in New Jersey Superior and not at the municipal court level as he previously believed.

“I am very happy that these complaints are being treated as they should be, that is to say very seriously. Complaints against all individuals are charged and all will be arraigned on (Tuesday) June 28, 2022,” Callaway said.

“I am very satisfied with the seriousness, the attention that has been given to these very serious accusations. The safety of our children is paramount! Callaway said.

The signed criminal complaints had already been filed with the Atlantic City Police Department by former Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway, along with approximately 6-8 other concerned citizens.

The complaints named the following individuals/entities:

  • Atlantic City School Board Trustees
  • Elected members of the Atlantic City School Board.
  • Atlantic City School Board attorney.
  • Monitor for the New Jersey State Department

The criminal complaints allege a violation of certain state laws, specifically NJSA 18A:36-24, 18A:36-25, and NJSA 6A:16-11.

Callaway said the criminal complaint filed was filed with the local Atlantic City Police Department as the alleged crimes were 4th degree charges.

The complaint states that the person named below had “knowledge of major inappropriate sexual behavior inflicted on children in the Atlantic City Board of Education School District.”

“Specifically child molestation and pornography by an employee, Kayan Frazier of the Atlantic City Board of Education School District, and that same employee was later employed by a contractor for the Atlantic City Board of Education. Atlantic City, especially as a substitute teacher,” Callaway said.

Callaway also said that individual directors, elected board members, the board’s attorney, and the state comptroller failed to report this behavior to the appropriate authorities,” according to the complaint.

The complaint includes that “Kayan Frazier, recently pleaded guilty to one federal count of producing child molestation and child pornography images.”

The following named defendants are:

  • Current AC Board of Education Superintendent
    Laquetta Small
  • Former Atlantic City School Board
  • Superintendent Barry Caldwell.
  • Gabriel Caldwell
  • Diane Saunders
  • Donald Harris
  • Sherry Yahn, Assistant Superintendent.
  • State Comptroller Carol Morris.
  • Marty Small, former board employee.
  • Current Chairman of the Board: Shay Steele.
  • Past Chairman of the Board of Directors and Current Board Elect
    Member of Education: Walter Johnson.
  • Past Chairman of the Board of Directors and Current Board Elect
    member: Patricia Bailey.
  • Currently Elected Board Member: Ruth Byard.

Atlantic City Board of Education attorney Tracy Riley is also named in the complaint.

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