Atlantis by Blu Atlas is the must-have cologne for summer adventures

Summer is right around the corner, which means rooftop parties and summer adventures, but hopefully no body odor. While wearing perfume is just one more step in a long beauty ritual for many women, men are often left behind in the perfume conversation. However, thanks to the gender revolution, everything from lingerie to makeup and perfume is now accessible to all genders. Research shows that scent is linked to attraction. Scent can imprint on memory because the brain allows olfactory signals to travel very quickly to the limbic system, helping strong bergamot notes to bind you strongly in the mind of your romantic or romantic partner.

In addition, our pheromones play a huge attraction role and after application the cologne becomes personalized by mingling with your signature scent. So what does this mean for you? This means you should add a cologne to your routine if you haven’t already, especially if you want to entice a summer fling. And if you’re looking for the perfect summer scent, look no further than Blu Atlas’ Atlantis. The fresh, uplifting scent is perfect for a summer date or board meeting, and its base notes mean you can wear it year-round.

The spicy yet feather-light top notes of Blu Atlas’ Atlantis are bergamot, as noted. “Bergamot is a favorite summer note – fresh and citrusy and easy to wear,” says perfumer Marissa Zappas. “I have a perfume called The Sun Card in which I use a lot of bergamot.” Bergamot is associated with wealth, prosperity and abundance, fueling the feeling of power that accompanies wearing Atlantis. The top notes are the first to be noticed, but also the first to fade, giving way to the heart notes. For Atlantis, that means fresh, vivid clary sage. Finally, the base notes are patchouli, which helps transform this cool summer cologne into a fragrance that anyone can wear all year round. “I associate patchouli with more fall scents, but in smaller doses it can add body and intrigue to a scent,” Zappas says.

When you apply perfume, you don’t want to rub it or dab cologne onto your skin. Instead, the best way to put it on is to spray from an appropriate distance (about six inches), wait for the cologne to dry naturally, and then sniff it to discover the top notes of the perfume. “There’s no one-size-fits-all method, but I generally recommend applying it to pulse points,” Zappas says. The heat from these spots helps activate your skin’s natural oils, allowing the cologne to go through its entire life cycle. As a result, it evolves into a deeper scent profile that blends with your unique scent, unlocking the full potential of the cologne while eroticizing the scent with your signature scent. And, anyone can wear this Eau de Parfum.

Although designed to be a cologne for men, Atlantis is quickly fitting in among other leading unisex fragrances, such as Aesop, Le Labo and Byredo. In 2021, when The strategist asked 12 stylish men what types of fragrances they wore, nearly 100% of the responses recommended unisex fragrances.

As the men’s fragrance trend moves away from traditional “masculine” scents, such as musk or tobacco, and towards new, unconventional versions of men’s cologne, such as the use of sage , people of all genders seek out fragrances like Atlantis . They are excited about this unique experience, which enters into lighter, fresher and more botanical territory. Think of it as a welcoming garden in a bottle. All who enter can invoke abundance both professionally and personally. Atlantis is sweet, with whispers of tangy, crisp citrus, then quickly develops into its fresh youth with glorious hits of sage and assertive cedar.

Atlantis by Blu Atlas is more than just an outrageously decent everyday scent for men or any gender looking for a summer-approved scent that will prove desirable even when the hot days wear off. Atlantis has enough layers under its initial scent profile to make it a great cologne for a first date, the first day of a new job, or your signature scent until death do you part.

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