Atlantis Exchange received 30,000,000 Bitcoin advanced as liquidity

SEATTLE, WA, May 20, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Atlantis Exchange is pleased to announce that a deposit of 30,000,000 Advanced Bitcoin (“aBTC”), a green cryptocurrency as an alternative to disrupt the poor performance of the Traditional bitcoin, was received as liquidity from this newly launched popular platform.

Such fund deposit is valued at approximately US$198 billion according to the latest aBTC price dated May 19, 2022.

Data from BscScan shows that the one-time deposit of 30,000,000 aBTC was made to Atlantis Exchange on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

Prior to the publication of this news, aBTC holders exceeded over 200,000 worldwide. Its market prices increased by more than 3000% from 200.00 USD/aBTC to 6,597.99 USD/aBTC, which may change from time to time.

Although the crypto market has been bearish since the start of 2022 and the crypto space just suffered a US$40 billion crash from Terra LUNA and UST a week ago, global users made very aBTC positive. Tens of thousands of people become new aBTC holders every day. Obviously, this is a clear signal that green cryptocurrency with BETTER PERFORMANCE will be the future of blockchain technology and investment.

That being said, aBTC’s US$198 billion liquidity will provide Atlantis Exchange with substantial support for its financial stability and rapid long-term growth. Its website ranking is expected to increase more steadily and faster than ever before.

Advanced Bitcoin (“aBTC”) is a green cryptocurrency as an alternative to disrupt the poor performance of traditional Bitcoin in terms of transaction speed, transaction cost, energy consumption and CO2 emissions…

1) The power consumption of aBTC is ALMOST ZERO.
2) The transaction speed of aBTC is NEARLY INSTANT.
3) aBTC gas fees are NEAR ZERO.

To sum up, aBTC has BIG potentials both to invest and to hold as a store of value. The mass adoption of aBTC will definitely improve the sustainable development of human society on earth.

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