Atlantis House – Bremen, Germany

This architectural marvel is hidden right next to one of the most touristy areas of Bremen.

Böttcherstraße due to its location in the historic center of Bremen, one of the city’s main tourist attractions. It is well known for its architecture but few know the interior of Atlantis House and Himmelssaal.

Completed in 1931, Atlantis House is an interesting example of German interwar architecture, architecture considered a “divergent vision of culture” by the Nazi regime. The structure was also heavily damaged during World War II, but was rebuilt with a new facade in 1965.

The interior is a real architectural gem. An art deco staircase cast in concrete with glass lenses leads to a beautiful room where cool light enters through white and blue glass blocks. This hall, Himmelssaal (Heaven Hall) was intended to be a mystical place with its parabolic dome and full of repetitive symbols.

Know before you go

Atlantis House and Himmelssaal are operated by the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bremen and are used for weddings, funerals and conferences. If nothing is provided, the staircase is generally accessible to everyone, just go to reception and ask for directions. Himmelssaal is only available on a guided tour called Böttcherstrasse und Himmelssaal offered by Bremen Tourism.