Bally’s Atlantic City Casino Resort: The 6 Best Places to See After $100 Million Renovations

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) — The weather is hot, hot, hot, which means it’s the perfect time to head down the Jersey Shore.

What could be more perfect is that The Atlantic town of Bally spent the colossal sum of 100 million dollars on renovations just for you!

First, you’ll need a place to stay.

How about their new exclusive suites? Honestly, I wouldn’t even call it a hotel room, it’s like a big condo you could live in all year round! The views from the 47th floor are magnificent and you can admire the city from the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room with an adjoining fireplace.

The casino floor also received an upgrade. There is a revamped high limit area and they have added 400 sparkling slot machines. Win or lose, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

The courtyard is a beer garden style venue with a stage for live music, a wide range of local beers and craft cocktails, and a gastropub style menu. The food is everything you expect from New Jersey, massive portions with a little extra added to the presentation. I thought the Purple Haze rum cocktail was the strongest drink I’ve had until they introduced me to court. It is a tropical drink filled with rum in a glass the size of a real stallion.

You’ll know you’re not far from Philadelphia when you see the appetizer platter with cheese curds and tomato soup, cheesesteak spring rolls, long hots and soft mini pretzels. Make sure you have friends with you, otherwise you will never be able to complete it.

They also have a crazy burger I call “the upside down burger”…that’s because they pour cheddar cheese on it and top it with Cheez-It crumbles and spicy peppers…and I washed it down with Bally’s signature beer, the Spellbound Pale Ale.

For an authentic Italian meal, head to Meatballs and martinis from Jerry Longo. They do a killer Caprese tower and a cucumber vodka elderflower martini called My Cousin Vinny, but if it’s your first time here, I’d jump for homemade sangria, linguini and clams. For dessert? Get the lemon cake. Trust me, do it.

If you need to feel the ocean breeze, Bally’s Beach Bar is perfect for having a drink and dancing until the sun goes down. They have a menu full of holiday-worthy fruity cocktails and a lobster roll you won’t want to share.

The carousel bar is Bally’s new lobby bar and my favorite stop on the Bally tour.

The real bar spins around as customers sit on it! It takes about 12 minutes for a full rotation, which is coincidentally the time it takes me to slurp up one of their boardwalk-themed cocktails.

The Merry Go Round is similar to a gray goose cosmos, but poured over a huge whiff of cotton candy, and can only be followed by the espresso martini. The rim is dipped in powdered sugar and it is served with a side of funnel cake.

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