Blu Atlas Atlantis – Perfume Review

Atlantis, Blu Atlas’ signature eau de cologne, is a sexy, romantic and earthy eau de parfum with the perfect initial touch of citrus. Blu Atlas’ tagline is “Premium Skincare for the Modern Man”, and with this cologne, I think that’s extremely relevant. The company identifies itself as a science-backed personal care brand with all-natural ingredients, aligning itself with the new wave of luxury companies marketing natural and sustainable products. Many of these companies lose touch with the addition of these natural lines, forgetting that the products can still have longevity even without synthetic ingredients. Atlantis by Blu Atlas perfectly hits the mark of a natural, captivating and lingering scent.

A bit of history (and science)
In the 1920s, perfumers around the world began adding synthetic chemicals like aliphatic aldehydes to perfumes. And many perfume companies are currently using alcohols to replace carrier oils to increase shelf life and prevent rancidity. Some perfume companies also add stabilizing chemicals, colorants, preservatives, and ingredients to adjust the viscosity of the product. These products really mask odors and often last longer, but at what cost? Synthetic ingredients have recently been associated with long-term adverse effects on their consumers. The use of personal products containing synthetic ingredients poses a critical health risk. A simple search for “Eau de Parfum” will show that many of the popular fragrances that people enjoy are not very safe to use. Some long-term effects of simply inhaling these irritants are nasal allergies, breast cysts, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel, and asthma. I always encourage doing your own research before purchasing any products.

First impression
Blu Atlas Atlantis Eau de Parfum comes in a dapper bottle with neat white lettering, appearing quite anonymous compared to other products in the Blu Atlas catalog. Atlantis proves itself by presenting a sweet, fruity and almost spicy first impression, and upon drying, delivering a warm, woody and inviting aroma to any wearer. This cologne is quite versatile. It could be worn every day by the honest trader or the owner of a successful business. This cologne does not discriminate and has the potential to suit anyone who enjoys a woodsy, fresh scent. It simply reads with key notes of bergamot, clary sage and patchouli, a deliciously complex and rich blend. It’s pretty unisex. Everyone who wears Atlantis will make this cologne their own. It may not be a cologne that travels far. But if you want to wear a fragrance that will make you stand out where it counts (up close and personal), try Atlantis.

The smell

This transformative top note invites the fun part of masculinity. Bergamot, known as the “prince of citrus,” is assertive and packs a punch, but quickly allows clary sage and patchouli to make their statement when ready. Luxurious bergamot is generally valued in perfumes, but it has a more unusual scent than other citrus extracts and oils. Its zest gives a sparkling, unisex and rindy sweetness with a hint of herbs that flirts with the other two key notes that make this cologne work. Natural and vegan ingredients invite the wearer to let go of their ego and pride – to let go of so many norms in order to invite more peace into their life, evoking memories of a spring boat ride in Chicago, the sun shining warm and delicate, the water inviting the perfect breath of fresh air.

clary sage
This warm note is the perfect complement for the working man. Its main benefit in aromatherapy is calming, but for many, clary sage is considered an aphrodisiac. The powdery herbaceousness of clary sage is quite surprising and adds a vanilla sweetness to the trail of this eau de cologne. Blending with bergamot and patchouli, clary sage binds the cologne, allowing it to transcend all seasons, keeping you warm and fresh in spring and summer, and warm and inviting in fall and winter.

Patchouli, a potent, earthy base note, provides the intoxicating appeal of Atlantis fragrance. This note provides a lasting masculine impression, making it a seductive and spicy scent for all occasions. Patchouli gives the cologne its enduring power, as even its backstory implies wealth and royalty. Early European traders even traded a pound of patchouli for a pound of gold. This note is also considered an aphrodisiac, as its velvety, rich and smoky aroma is perfectly compatible with the sweet herbaceous nature of clary sage. Patchouli was the perfect choice for Atlantis, as this base note makes Atlantis the distinguished scent that it is.

After a full day of work wearing this cologne for our Blu Atlas Atlantis review, I’m left with an earthy and sweet uplifting scent reminiscent of a frankincense and myrrh scented oil. Although this cologne is more modern because it is so versatile, it can be worn by all ages. Many buyers may not pay as much attention to the ingredient lists of their personal care products, but Blu Atlas takes care of it for its customers. Promising a safe line for men’s fragrances and grooming, if you care about what you put on your body, Blu Atlas can sell exactly the right products for you. The sweet citrus aroma provided by the top note of bergamot with the earthy, grounded nature of patchouli truly evokes an incense store in the middle of a chic downtown. Clary sage offers an elegant earthy balm that perfectly combines top and base notes. As each note welcomes another, more fragrant layers are revealed, making this seemingly simple cologne one of the best of the year so far.

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