Business leaders attend a conference at Atlantis

Premier Philip “Brave” Davis cuts a ribbon to mark the start of the 2022 Chief Executives and Leadership Conference. Photos: Racardo Thomas/Gallery Team

DOZENS of delegates from across the region attended the opening of the 2022 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Leadership Conference at the Atlantis Resort last night.

The four-day event, organized by Bahamas Power and Light in partnership with CARILEC, is held under this year’s theme, “Leadership Matters: Living and Learning Through Disruption and Dislocation.”

Prime Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis delivered the keynote address at yesterday’s opening ceremony, discussing the importance of strong and stable leadership in the face of climate change and a post-COVID world.

“This conference is particularly critical given the downfall of the COVID-19 pandemic. As lockdowns and restrictive approaches to managing COVID have had a devastating impact on economies, leaders across the board must now think and act. Leadership in today’s world now requires innovation, transcendent vision and an exceptional gift of strategic planning to meet the unprecedented challenges of recovery. We can see that your chart clearly recognizes that leaders really matter.

He also said, “Energy has long been established as a key source of economic growth. Recognizing this, my government has decided to make massive investments in infrastructure, energy and technological upgrades.

This year’s conference allows regional leaders in the energy sector to assert their common interests and propose solutions to the challenges facing the industry.

“In terms of relevance, we are able to share experiences with our peers,” said Shevonn Cambridge, CEO of BPL. “It’s not like a North American conference. It’s a Caribbean conference so we all have similar environments and similar challenges as I said. It is a time when peers come together and share experiences and resources.

Meanwhile, BPL President Pedro Rolle said he hoped everyone at this year’s conference would leave “with a renewed sense of urgency about leadership”.

“We are grateful to CARILEC who have been an outstanding partner to our organization for many years, most recently in a clear appeal to our regional electricity industry counterparts to send assistance to Abaco following the ‘Hurricane Dorian,’ he added.

“The association’s mission to improve the effectiveness of its members is evident in the planning and organization of this conference. Here in the Bahamas, we are no strangers to living and learning through the disruptions and dislocations across our archipelago, we are still reeling from Hurricane Dorian and the compounded impact of the pandemic of COVID-19 which has introduced new challenges to us as individuals and organizations. »

At last night’s ceremony, delegates were treated to performances by the Royal Bahamas Police Force Band and a stampede by the band One Family Junkanoo.

The conference is scheduled to end on May 18. It is also organized alongside a course for lawyers and company secretaries which will take place on 18 and 19 May.