A WILD theory that Atlantis City was wiped out by a flood 12,000 years ago is being peddled in a new Netflix documentary – and it’s causing a stir. Ancient Apocalypse claims that the survivors of the little-known civilization moved to lands where they went to teach agriculture, architecture, andRead More →

As we approach the sequel to one of Marvel’s most successful films, Black Panther, many unsolved mysteries have yet to be solved. With the recent trailer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, fans have wondered about the history of Atlantis and the identity of Namor: The Submariner. The Marvel Cinematic UniverseRead More →

Casper resident and author/researcher Eddie Weaver has located what he believes to be the island of Atlantis. Use of Google Earth in his 2019 book (“The antediluvian signature Atlantis”), it shows the island while discovering the signature of prehistoric civilization. In his book he shows three pyramids in the AzoresRead More →

The Silurian hypothesis asks if it would be possible to find evidence of a pre-human industrial civilization in Earth’s geological record, even one that may have existed millions of years ago. The astrobiologists who developed the thought experiment concluded that there is no solid evidence in Earth’s geological records toRead More →

According to experts who recently discovered ancient artifacts in the North Sea that belonged to Stone Age settlements submerged underwater, Britain’s Atlantis has been discovered. Two Stone Age settlements have been discovered in the North Sea near Blakeney in Norfolk Experts believe they have located Britain’s own ‘Atlantis’ after evidenceRead More →

The theories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle range from wild, plausible to downright impossible, but there’s something to be said for the thought process behind each one. Video loading Video unavailable The video will start automatically soon8Cancel play now Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle has sparked many conspiracy theories ranging fromRead More →

Theories surrounding the Baltic Sea Anomaly range from a crashed UFO to a piece of a sunken city, but scientists at Stockholm University believe they’ve solved the mysterious case Video loading Video unavailable The video will start automatically soon8Cancel play now UFO expert claims to have spotted ‘grave’ on MarsRead More →

Explorers mapping the floor of the Pacific Ocean 985 miles northwest of Hawaii have found what appears to be the Yellow Brick Road from “The Wizard of Oz” at a depth of 3,375 feet. Discovery was done last month atop an underwater mountain in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, aRead More →

Some Hillsdale students have shared their vaccine theories. | Detroit Free Press A supposedly satanic Metaverse ad, a CIA agent disguised as a Hillsdale College student, and harmful AIDS vaccine experiments were among the conspiracy theories a few Hillsdale students have had the audacity to share recently. Although they talkedRead More →

While Doctor Strange will be stopped by the Illuminati, he’s unlikely to be the first to desecrate reality and the MCU multiverse itself. While the trailers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness revealed Stephen Strange would be in trouble for threatening the stability of reality, he’s probably notRead More →

Doctor Strange’s Evil Variant Could Work With Professor X In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Marvel Studios has released the second trailer of the highly anticipated film in Super Bowl LVI, confirming that Patrick Stewart will reprise his role of Professor Charles Xavier Fox’s x-men film franchise. ThisRead More →

Egyptian Atlantis: the city of Heracleion Photo credit: HILTI Foundation | Frank Goddio For veteran sleuths and skeptics alike, Atlantis is a well-worn, arguably well-worn name. Over the centuries, it has come to embody humanity’s attraction to seductive, elusive stories and the instinctive desire to digest the unknown whole.Read More →

The actual mythology that inspired Pokemon Legends: Arceus The latest Legendary Pokemon may provide a major clue to a future Pokemon. One of the new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is Enamorus, a Legendary Pokemon related to Storm, Thundurus, and Landorus. The four Pokémon are collectively known as theRead More →

The legendary land mass was first described by the Greek philosopher Plato. In his texts, “Timaeus” and “Critias”, he describes an antagonistic naval power that drives “ancient Athens” away from the island. Although this is only a brief note, the weight that Atlantis has had on literature and popular cultureRead More →

Never mind Waldo or Bernie. Where is Atlantis? The “lost civilization” site has probably had more trees cut down in the service of books and magazines claiming to know the answer than any other pseudo-scientific boondoggle. As I wrote some time ago (“Atlantis: The Lost Land”, September 10, 2015), theRead More →

The mythical island, said to be a mighty naval power besieging ancient Athens, was first described by the Greek writer Plato in his texts “Timaeus” and “Critias”. In history, Athens repelled the Atlantean attack unlike any other nation in the known world, supposedly testifying to the superiority of ancient Greece.Read More →

Atlantis: expert reveals ‘evidence’ of Plato’s lost city Atlantis is the fictional island first described by Greek writer Plato in his texts Timaeus and Critias, seen as an antagonistic naval power that besieged “ancient Athens”. In the story, Athens fends off the Atlantean attack unlike any other nation in theRead More →

1. Atlantis was a mid-Atlantic continent that suddenly sank into the ocean. Engraving of Atlantis, as first described by Plato, just beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar and Mount Hacho). (Credit: Ann Ronan Pictures/Getty Images) The idea that Atlantis was a real historical place, and not just a legend inventedRead More →

Regardless of whether it’s entirely mythical or simply missing, the “lost” island of Atlantis is one of the most sought after real estate in history. The oldest source of stories of a once mighty land now gone beneath the waves is that of Plato Dialogs (4th century BC). But atRead More →