Disney fans already have the perfect cast for a live-action Atlantis: The Lost Empire

u/ChefSeamusAran made it clear in the title that the photo they posted in 2018 on the r/disney subreddit was not their creation, but wrote, “I completely agree with that.” The image in question was a collection of movie stills of characters from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” alongside the actors the image creator is expected to play them in a potential remake. The post features Angelina Jolie as Helga Sinclair (Claudia Christian) and Sacha Baron Cohen as Vinny Santorini (Don Novello), among other dream casts for a live-action film – although James Franco as Milo doesn’t appear to be the best fit to this indicate.

Commentators loved the lineup for a perfect “Atlantis” cast. u/Daemsi even wrote, “I would watch this movie so much I couldn’t watch anything else,” while u/brianna18976 said, “It’s a perfect cast.

However, u/earth199999citizen, like some other Redditors, disagreed with Jessica Alba playing Kida. The user wrote, “I’m not sure she quite has the acting chops for the role,” while u/houseplant-muscle thought, “Kida should be played by an indigenous woman imo.” Cree Summer voiced Kida in the original film, so it would make sense to cast a native actress for the live performance as well.