Disney Fans Think Tom Holland and Zendaya Would Be Perfect in Atlantis

During the last years, disney shifted its focus from animated features to live-action remakes, the latter of which were very successful at the box office. Now some fans think Disney should exploit Spider Man stars Tom Holland and Zendaya for a live-action remake of Atlantis.

Many classic titles have yet to receive the live-action treatment, including those from 2001 Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Disney fans have been pushing for the studio to greenlight a big screen adaptation of the beloved tale, arguing that it deserves more recognition than it has received over the years. But more than that, they think they’ve already found the two perfect actors to embody the love story team: Holland and Zendaya.


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The Hollywood power couple is a top pick for several reasons. For one thing, they match the looks and personalities of Milo Thatch and Princess Kidagakash, who are perhaps the most important characters to master in terms of casting. Since they are the heart and essence of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, it would make sense for Disney to cast veteran actors like Holland and Zendaya to tell their story. Second, they’ve already established on-screen chemistry with each other through their work in the MCUs. Spider Man trilogy, so it’s likely that the lead roles (which are very relationship-focused) would come naturally to them.

Finally, Holland and Zendaya are two of the most sought-after actors today, so their star power could give the live-action remake some much-needed box office appeal. Disney has already had star success, particularly with their casting of Emma Watson as Belle in The beauty and the Beast. The movie went on to gross $1.2 billion worldwide, proving that picking the right leads can do wonders for a movie.

As of this writing, Disney still hasn’t confirmed a live-action remake for Atlantis: The Lost Empire. However, the company tweeted about the film last year to commemorate its 20th anniversary, sparking new interest in the idea. Kirk Wise, the original director of the animated feature, told MovieWeb that the only rumor of Atlantis: The Lost Empire being made into a live-action movie has “strictly been on the internet” and that it hasn’t gotten any independent corroboration for it. His co-director Gary Trousdale also added that he had heard that Disney had no intention of remaking the film at all.

For now, Disney fans can look forward to the studio’s other live-action remakes, which include The little Mermaid, White as snowand Hercules.

Atlantis is now available on Disney Plus.

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