Everything We Know About Namor and Atlantis in the MCU

Apparently, Namor the submarine and its underwater kingdom are on their way to the MCU in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The vengeful son is generally thought to be the main villain of the next Black Panther after. With his power, he could be a force to be reckoned with for the people of Wakanda, no matter what advanced technology they have.

For years, Marvel was unable to make a Namor movie due to its film rights being sold to Universal Pictures in the 1990s. appear on the big screen for years. And with all of the heroes joining the MCU in Phase 4, it’s reached a point where Namor the Submarine is Marvel’s biggest character without a single movie or live-action TV show appearance. This fact has only fueled interest in his MCU debut. Now, it looks like Marvel is finally gearing up for the King of Atlantis to reveal himself. If the reports and rumors of his arrival are true, viewers could be introduced to Namor as early as November 2022.


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Namor’s introduction is an exciting prospect, especially considering how important his character really is. Created in 1939, the Avenging Son is one of Marvel’s oldest heroes, the other being the original Human Torch. Over the 80-year history of comics, Namor has maintained a rather constant presence. During this time, he made a number of significant contributions to the Marvel Universe. Namor was a founding member of the Illuminati and the original Defenders team, as well as being an Avenger, an X-Man, Doctor Doom’s partner in crime, a WWII superhero, and the protagonist. of his own solo stories. All things considered, Marvel has plenty of options available in terms of what it can deliver with its character, but which path it will explore remains to be seen. Here’s everything we know about Marvel’s plans for her character and what might be on the table for her MCU future.

The MCU Has Already Teased Namor’s Existence

MCU Theory Completely Changes Namors' Origin In Phase 4 Of Iron Man 2 Endgame

While the MCU has yet to use Namor, it hasn’t completely moved away from him. The first time it was mentioned was in iron man 2 when Tony Stark was looking at a map of areas monitored by SHIELD. Curiously, SHIELD had placed a marker in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The idea that SHIELD was observing a place where the mythical city of Atlantis was supposed to be located was taken as a clue to Namor’s existence.

It took Marvel almost ten years to tease him again. In Avengers: Endgame, Okoye mentioned the underwater earthquakes that occurred off the coast of Africa. Asked about Wakanda’s response to these incidents, Okoye simply explained, “we manage it by not manipulating it”. Without Namor, the brief exchange would have seemed pointless. But given that there were so many expectations that Namor would be Black Panther’s next MCU adversary, the line was interpreted as an Atlantis easter egg. Later, End of Game writer Christopher Markus cast doubt on whether the remark was not a clue to Namor saying, “Sometimes you plant seeds. Sometimes they grow. In other words, Marvel may not have laid the groundwork for a black panther 2 the appearance in particular, but it really set the stage for him to eventually show up.

Will Namor make his debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Namor in battle with Black Panther in Avengers Vs X-Men.

Marvel has not provided any confirmation that Namor is in black panther 2, but in light of all the evidence and reports, he has a good chance of appearing. Tenoch Huerta is said to play the character and two other Atlanteans – Attuma and Namora – have also been linked to this rumor. Also, the pictures of the set indicate that black panther 2 includes underwater footage, which would obviously be necessary for a Namor story. Not only that, it’s worth noting that there really aren’t any other really strong candidates for black panther 2 nasty. It’s one of the reasons why Namor was a fan-favorite choice from the start. So, given the small size of Black Panther’s rogues gallery in Marvel Comics, it only made sense for the movie to be inspired by Wakanda’s rivalry with Atlantis. And right now, that seems to be what Marvel is doing – albeit with a twist.

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Atlantis Could Be Completely Reimagined In The MCU

Namor reigns in Atlantis.

A presumed black panther 2 leak and set details suggest that Marvel won’t be offering a traditional take on Namor’s story. Instead, there are now theories that Marvel is trading Atlantis for a new civilization inspired by Aztec culture and mythology. A hat worn by members of the black panther 2 the crew wears an emblem associated with Tepeyollotli, an Aztec jaguar god. Additionally, an image said to have leaked Namor’s concept art shows him with a look that bears clear Aztec influences. This idea of ​​Marvel making Namor’s homeland a lost civilization with Aztec connections is supported by casting rumors. Marvel casting a Mexican actor to play a character usually portrayed as white or Asian is a sign that Marvel may be changing where he came from. As for what the people of his Namor might be, if not the Atlanteans, they might be the MCU versions of the gods once worshiped by the Aztecs. In fact, Atlantis itself might not even exist in the MCU.

Can the MCU Release a Namor Solo Movie Now?

Namor the Submarine seen in the Golden Age of Comics

Based on Namor’s rich history in the comics, it would be a huge disservice to his character and a major missed opportunity if Marvel limited him to a villain role in black panther 2. With that in mind, it’s likely that Marvel will use it again. As long as that doesn’t make him irredeemable or completely evil, Marvel may be intent on giving Namor his own movie. However, it’s hard to say if Marvel can pull it off. If Namor’s rights issues have been resolved by Marvel and Universal, that information is not publicly known. It’s at least possible that Marvel could make a Namor the submarine film. Alternatively, he may be able to offer him a Disney+ series. It’s unclear if a TV show centered around the character would hinge on his rights returning to Marvel.

Would Namor become an Avenger in the future?

Captain America Silver Surfer Hercule Monica Rambeau Black Knight Namor

Being a villain didn’t stop Namor from joining the Avengers in the 1980s, so his actions in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever may not be a deterrent in the MCU either. After the movie, he at least deserves to be counted as a candidate for a spot on the next Avengers team. With his strength, he would definitely be a powerful addition to the group. If Thor or Captain Marvel aren’t in the roster, he could easily fill the role of team muscle. Alternatively, Marvel may have other ideas for its MCU future. Given his solo status, Namor the submarine was a perfect fit for Doctor Strange’s team of Defenders, who only banded together when needed. If Marvel makes a good Defenders movie with the likes of Doctor Strange and the Hulk on board, it would add even more to the list of opportunities Marvel would give them with Namor’s future.

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