Fan Theory Predicts Killmonger Will Return To Wakanda Forever

Among the wealth of Marvel-related content coming out of San Diego Comic-Con this weekend was the highly anticipated first look at wakanda foreverthe sequel to Ryan Coogler’s critically acclaimed 2018 Afrofuturist superhero film Black Panther. Much of the trailer appears to focus on the grieving Queen Ramonda and Princess Shuri – a sad case of art mimicking the afterlife of Chadwick Boseman in 2020 – but fan and creator Erik Voss thinks that could also indicate who will be the next character to take on the role of Black Panther.

In MCU mythology, Black Panther is a title assumed by Wakandan rulers, and so it’s possible that Shuri (Letitia Wright) will be next in line, echoing her storyline in the comics. However, in a recent video on the New Rockstars channel, Voss explains his belief that the next Black Panther will actually be another member of the Wakandan royal family: Erik Killmonger.

Portrayed by Michael B. Jordan in the first film, Killmonger was the cousin and long-lost enemy of King T’Challa who dethroned him and took the title of Black Panther for himself. That film ended with Killmonger’s death, but Voss points out that the afterlife has become a recurring motif in the MCU, including T’Challa’s visit to the ancestral plane in the first. Black Panther film, Marc and Steven’s journey into the Egyptian underworld in Moon Knightand most recently Jane Foster’s arrival in Valhalla in a post-credits scene in Thor: Love and Thunder.

“The reason we saw Jane and Heimdall again, I think, was to indicate the possibility of reincarnation or resurrection in this universe,” Voss explains. He also speculates that the introduction of Namor and Atlantis into wakanda forever could be linked to the return of Killmonger.“Remember, Killmonger was buried at sea… The Atlanteans could have recovered his body.”

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