k-os Celebrates ‘Atlantis: Hymns for Disco’ with Anniversary Compilation ’15!’

Including new mixes, remasters, demos and four previously unreleased tracks

Posted May 13, 2022

Last year was the 15th anniversary of k-os’ 2006 landmark album. Atlantis: anthems for discoand he celebrates a little belatedly the release of a new compilation entitled 15!

Quite appropriately, 15! contains 15 tracks, including new mixes, remasters, demos, and four previously unreleased tracks. There are versions of hits like “Sunday Morning” and “Crabbuckit”.

In a statement, k-os explained, “I loaded up my old computer from 2008 and found a folder called ‘songs for the dummy’ which seemed like the younger me, leaving some demos and songs for, I guess, older ‘I’m dumber, lol.’ These lost but found files contained the four previously unreleased songs on 15! – it was definitely a “Back to the Future” Marty McFly moment!”

See the track listing below, along with a stream for the full album.


1. Fly paper
2. Bleacher Bangaar (acoustic demo)*
3. Bleacher Bangaar (Sketch Dansetramental)*
4. DooWop (Kenosis Freestyle)*
5. Superstar pt. Zero
6. The Man I Was
7. Rain
8. Crabbuckit (remastered in 2022)
9. Born to Run
10. Crucial
11. Sunday Morning (Introductory Interlude)
12. Sunday morning (Illfactor Timbaland Mix)
13. Alone in my room (demo)*
14. Equalizer (Go! Remix)
15. Black Ice

* unreleased