Marvel Snap Season 1: Atlantis Beach Club Season Pass Rewards, New Maps & More

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Season 1 of Marvel Snap is live now as the Atlantis Beach Club takeover is in full swing throughout June. From a full rundown of all the Season Pass rewards to a breakdown of all the new cards, here’s everything you need to know.

For some players with access to the closed beta, Marvel Snap’s the very first season is now live. Atlantis Beach Club is front and center this month, as a range of new content has been introduced alongside the first full-fledged Season Pass.

From brand new maps to a list of weekly missions, there’s plenty to do. So if you jump in the moving title early, here’s a complete rundown of everything there is to know about Marvel Snap Season 1.


Second Dinner / Wonder

Atlantis Beach Club is the theme for Marvel Snap’s very first closed beta season.

Marvel Snap Season 1: Atlantis Beach Club Dates

The very first season of Marvel Snap, Atlantis Beach Club, launched Thursday, June 9 and is is scheduled to end on Tuesday, July 5.

With the current Season Pass timer showing an exact end date, we know for sure that the next season will take place on July 5.

However, since Marvel Snap is still in closed beta, it’s worth keeping in mind that unforeseen delays can always offset plans. Rest assured that we will keep you updated here even if any changes occur.

Marvel Snap Season 1: Atlantis Beach Club Price

The Marvel Snap Atlantis Beach Club Season Pass can be accessed in three distinct ways. The first option is to simply progress through the Season Pass without paying a dime, unlocking all the free rewards along the way.

If you prefer to claim the premium rewards for your efforts, the standard version of the The Season Pass is available for $9.99.

Finally, if you prefer to speed up your progress, the The Season Pass+ package is also available for $14.99. This option includes the Season Pass itself as well as 10 level skips.

Marvel Snap Season 1 Pass

Second Dinner / Wonder

The Season Pass may take some time to progress if you don’t complete all possible missions.

Marvel Snap Season 1: New Atlantis Beach Club Cards

So far, only one new map has been introduced to Marvel Snap throughout the Atlantis Beach Club season. WAVE launched alongside new updatejoining as the first new map since the closed beta went live.

WAVE costs 3 energy, drops with 3 power, and upon reveal guarantees that all cards in the next turn will cost 4 energy.

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While there’s no guarantee more cards will join the mix this season, we’ll be sure to update you here if plans change in the remaining weeks.

Marvel Snap Season 1: Atlantis Beach Club Season Pass Missions

As with every new season in Marvel Snap, unique missions are available throughout the month to help you progress through the Season Pass.

Checking them off will be your best bet to ensure that you unlock as many rewards as possible before the season ends. Below is a complete rundown of every mission in the Atlantis Beach Club season.

Marvel Snap Season 1: Atlantis Beach Club Season Pass Rewards

From new avatars to gold and even variant card art, a range of high-level rewards are up for grabs in the Atlantis Beach Club Season Pass.

Marvel Snap Cards

Second Dinner / Wonder

Namor, WAVE, and Cosmo are the three maps featured in the very first Season Pass.

Progressing through the Season Pass is also one of the most effective methods of acquiring more Credits and thus improving your all-important Collector Level.

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Below is a complete list of all rewards available in the current Season Pass.

So that’s all you need to know about Marvel Snap Season 1. Be sure to check back over the next few weeks as we’ll update you here on all the latest changes as the Atlantis Beach Club season unfolds.