MCU Theory Completely Changes Namor’s Origin In Phase 4

Casting and related leaks Black Panther: Wakanda Forever led to a theory that Marvel is completely changing Namor’s origin story by abandoning Atlantis altogether. His inclusion has yet to be officially confirmed, but Namor the Submarine is widely believed to be the main villain of the upcoming Black Panther film. Exactly how the MCU plans to adapt one of Marvel’s oldest characters has been a hot topic of discussion for years.

At this point, the vengeful son is arguably the most important Marvel Comics character who has never appeared in live-action before. Rights issues with Universal have stood in the way of a solo movie for the character, but if rumors of his MCU debut are true, Namor is set to join the MCU as soon as November 2022. As for what Marvel in the long run plan for him might be, his storied history in comics spans decades of stories, giving the studio an abundance of options. He was an anti-hero, the would-be conqueror of mankind, a defender, an avenger, and an X-Man. But it looks like Marvel will start first with its kingdom’s ancient rivalry with Wakanda, which has its roots in comic books published in the 1970s.


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It is expected that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever The story will revolve around the people of Wakanda who go to war with the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, which will be ruled by Namor. However, it’s at least possible that Marvel is secretly planning to head in an unexpected direction with the submarine. Rather than presenting him as the Prince of Atlantis, black panther 2 may not include Atlantis at all. Here’s why some believe the MCU’s interpretation of Namor is from a different civilization.

How the MCU Already Teased Namor’s Existence

The MCU started laying the groundwork for introducing Namor years ago. A nod to the character was apparently included in Iron man 2. In one scene, a map revealed markers for various locations that SHIELD was monitoring at the end. Many were obvious easter eggs at major locations that would be important later, such as Captain America’s resting place, where Thor’s hammer was found, and Wakanda. One particular marker was right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which was taken as a clue to Atlantis because there wasn’t much else in the ocean that could have caught the attention of the SHIELD.

A much more obvious reference to Namor and Atlantis was made in Avengers: Endgame. During the film, it was noted that underwater earthquakes occur off the coast of Africa. When Black Widow asked about Wakanda’s response to the situation, Okoye explained, “we manage it by not manipulating it. On the surface, the brief exchange about earthquakes seemed rather pointless – unless, of course, it was about the secret realm of Namor. Since Namor was already the best candidate to be Black Panther’s next opponent, the line was supposed to be an Atlantis easter egg. Since, End of Game co-writer Stephen McFeely confirmed that the purpose of the line was to “plant seedsfor Namor.

MCU Theory Suggests Namor’s Atlantis Will Be Aztec

Cast of Tenoch Huerta Namor for Black Panther 2

Now, it’s been theorized that while Marvel introduces Namor, he’ll be trading Atlantis for the Aztecs. Much of what drives this theory stems from casting rumors related to the character. Apparently Namor will be hosted by Tenoch Huerta. A Mexican actor would be an interesting choice, given that Namor is usually portrayed as white or Asian in Marvel Comics. This decision may mean nothing at all in terms of history, but it has been suggested that Huerta’s casting indicates that the people of Namor have Mexican lineage. This may not work with Atlantis when considering where its homeland should be located in the ocean, but it might if Marvel tied it to an ancient Mesoamerican civilization, like the Mayans or Aztecs.

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It’s possible that in the MCU, the people of Namor will be reimagined as the gods once worshiped by the ancient Aztecs. It could be that these gods lived in a deep underwater city that has not been discovered by modern humans. During ancient times they could have made surface journeys which resulted in the myths relating to Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc, etc. If so, Marvel can turn Marvel Comics’ Atlanteans into an all-new MCU society inspired by ancient Aztec culture.

Not only would this differ greatly from how Atlantis is depicted in Marvel Comics, but it would also allow Marvel to differentiate Namor and his people from Aquaman and Atlantis in the DCEU. Even though Namor is drastically different from Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry when it comes to their personalities and backstories, it’s still going to be incredibly hard to avoid comparisons. After all, both are super-powered, half-human kings from underwater cities called Atlantis. One way Marvel could make the MCU’s Namor unique to Aquaman is to forgo its relationship with Atlantis and create a new civilization in its place.

Proof that Black Panther 2 is changing Atlantis

Evidence of the black panther 2 together supports the Namor-Aztec theory. A hat worn by the cast and crew features a design that matches images associated with Tepeyollotli, a jaguar god from Aztec mythology. The film, including the Aztec gods and Atlanteans as separate groups, seems unlikely at best, bolstering the possibility that if Namor is indeed in the film, Marvel could indeed make some significant adjustments to his origin story. for the MCU. Further bolstering these theories is an image allegedly leaked Namor concept art [via The Direct]. The image retains the ankle wings and green trunks of Namor the Submarine, but adds a twist to his comedic look with Aztec-inspired jewelry and other adornments. For now, however, the legitimacy of the work is unclear.

Based on this evidence and the motivations she might have for driving Namor away from Aquaman, the theory that he’s an Aztec god in the MCU doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Additionally, it should be noted that Phase 4 already makes this change plausible with moon knight and Thor: Love and Thunder. Revealing that the Egyptian and Greek gods are actual entities in the MCU makes it all the more possible that other mythological deities, such as the Aztec gods, also exist as MCU characters. If that is the case, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has the ability to combine ancient Aztec mythology with an existing Marvel Comics city to adapt an iconic superhero and unveil a unique new MCU civilization at the same time.

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