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jimmy corset from Bright Insight found the City of Atlantis and has been independently proven

OCALA, Florida., April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — What if there was a place on earth that matched Plato’s description of Atlantis to a scientifically proven accuracy of 99.32%?

What if multiple historical documents support the location?

What if NASA satellite images were found that provided undeniable visual evidence?

These are no longer “what ifs”; instead, they are real facts. Confirmation is available in by David Edward new book: Atlantis Resolved, The Final Definitive Proof.

Working from the beginning of the Atlantis legend and using rigorous scientific methodology, Edward proved Corsetti’s discovery of the City of Atlantis. Edward’s work extended the discovery to further establish, with absolute certainty, the existence and location of the lost continent of Atlantis.

“The most amazing thing about this discovery is that everything is exactly where Plato said it would be,” Edward said. “Every detail is accurate. In addition, there are both corroborating ancient documents, rigorous scientific evidence, as well as indisputable visual evidence in satellite images provided by NASA.”

Edward documented these findings in his Atlantis resolved book, published on April 20, 2022exclusively on Atlantis Solved: The Final Definitive Proof eBook: Edward, David: Kindle Store

“Everything we know about our ancient history is wrong,” Edward concluded. “We now have decades of work to do to reevaluate our true timeline and understand the true implications of our past.”

Edward suggests his new book should spur massive research in the identified area and be used as a milestone in aligning the growing evidence of megalithic structures and advanced civilizations spanning the planet’s past.

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