Starfield New Atlantis City Guide

The first images of Starfield capital New Atlantis have us even more excited about Bethesda’s starfaring RPG. June’s Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase gave us a real in-depth look at the scale and scope of Starfield, revealing that the game would have over 1,000 planets to explore, as well as a number of major Starfield cities. .

A big part of the showcase was the reveal that Starfield would contain four main cities, one of which is called New Atlantis – we also know about Akila and Neon, but the fourth remains unknown. Game director Todd Howard revealed in an interview with IGN this Starfield’s New Atlantis is “by far the biggest city in the game and the biggest city we’ve ever built – it’s sort of the capital here in the game.” We’re talking bigger than anything in Skyrim, bigger than anything in Oblivion, and bigger than any city we’ve ever seen in a Fallout game.

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So, a record-breaking cityscape for Bethesda and there’s plenty more to discover about this ambitious settlement. If you’re looking to explore more of the Starfield universe, we’ve also got a deep dive into some of the Starfield backgrounds you can choose from, as well as the various guns and weapons you can acquire.

For now, here’s everything we know about Starfield’s capital city New Atlantis.

Starfield New Atlantis: Two heavily armed guards patrol a leafy courtyard

New Atlantis Location

With over 1,000 planets, you might be wondering where New Atlantis is? Seen during the official gameplay trailerNew Atlantis is on the planet Jemison, based in the Alpha Centauri solar system.

The extended gameplay reveal also shows that Alpha Centauri is home to other known planets – Gagarin, Olivas, and Chawla. Thanks to location info developer shorts from Bethesda, we also got a look at some New Atlantis concept art.

New Atlantis Faction

As one of Starfield’s most distinct locations, New Atlantis acts as the home and capital of the United Colonies, or UC, one of Starfield’s many factions.

Starfield New Atlantis: an open and spacious lobby in the spaceport of New Atlantis

During the developer’s short, design director Emil Pagilarulo describes the United Colonies as “the most powerful established military and political faction in the game.” Emil adds that the city is a veritable melting pot with residents of all races, creeds and ethnicities.

We also know that New Atlantis is the headquarters of Constellation, the faction that you, the player character, join at the start of the game. Constellation acts as the last group of space explorers hired, and the main Starfield quest goes through Constellation , suggesting that you’ll soon be visiting New Atlantis in the main narrative.

As you’d expect with any major city, concept art and gameplay reveal that New Atlantis is full of towering buildings, spacious hubs, bright lights, and a variety of neighborhoods, but we don’t. have no idea how much we’re going to do. able to seamlessly explore, or how many buildings we will be able to access.

Starfield New Atlantis: A robot walks towards the overgrown and tired entrance to Constellation Headquarters

We know some of the characteristics of the city. For example, there’s Constellation HQ (the entrance is pictured above), a spaceport where ships arrive, and a sign in the spaceport points to a shopping district with the Interstellar Inn as the only named establishment. .

That’s all we know about New Atlantis so far. The Bethesda showcase was a treasure trove of intelligence, from a new Starfield release date window, to character creation options, and even how Starfield skills work just some of the many bits of information to hang on to. waiting for the game to arrive in 2023.