Stevie Nicks remembers being in New York on 9/11

While on tour, Stevie Nicks arrived in Manhattan hours before the September 11 attacks. In a series of journal entries, Nicks wrote about her experience in the city and the surge of emotion she felt. She also shared how the day continued to affect her. Nicks explained that even though she wanted to go home, she felt she was helping people by playing music. She began to take refuge in touring.

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The Fleetwood Mac singer has been keeping a diary for years

Nicks has kept a diary since his early days at Fleetwood Mac. She immortalizes the romantic moments of her life.

“When I keep my diary, it’s big, like a phone book, because I always feel like it’s never going to get lost,” she said. the new yorker. “So what I do is I write on the right side of the page, and then on the left side I write poetry, which I usually take out of my prose.”

These moments of romance do not necessarily refer to his relationships. For the most part, she writes about moments that move her.

“When I say the word ‘romantic,’ I don’t necessarily mean romantic in terms of having a guy or someone in your life,” she explained. “I mean just the sunny days or, just, remember the way the air felt on your skin, or the way your hair felt when the wind blew through, or the way the trees sounded, or that sort of thing.”

Stevie Nicks arrived in Manhattan just before the September 11 attacks

After playing shows in Toronto, Nicks flew to New York, landing around 2 a.m. on September 11, 2001. As Nicks keeps nighttime hours, she was just beginning to think about going to bed when she heard the news of the attack on the world. Mall. From her hotel room at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan, Nicks sat down, glued to the television, and began journaling.

“We’re a devastated city/ I feel like I’m part of this city/ We’re a strong and shining city/ We’re looking at a piece of history/ We’re living a tragedy/ Like no one has ever seen,” a- she declared. written, according to the book Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks by Stephen Davis.

The next morning, Nicks was still awake when the sun rose over the city. By The nickname fixshe noted that the view of the sunrise was so beautiful that she felt guilty.

“So today is both beautiful and spooky, looking down from the 36th floor, can I tell you how unimaginable it would be if I looked up and saw a big jet flying towards me, in this country? My question – how could this have happened?” she wrote, later adding, “Well I think I need to sleep now. We are all traumatized. God bless everyone who has lost someone… and everyone… who is gone… I’m so sorry…— sorry…— Nicks, 7:06 am… PS The room is still glowing pink.

Stevie Nicks said people encouraged her to keep filming after 9/11

In the aftermath, Nicks felt she should cancel some tour dates out of respect for those who died. Her managers encouraged her to film as planned, as she had previously canceled dates due to illness. Unsure, she called her mother for advice.

“When my mum answered the phone, I burst into tears and said, ‘I don’t know if I can stay here. I’m really struggling,'” Nicks explained. “She said, ‘ Teedie, I got at least ten phone calls from Atlantic City saying they loved it and you totally lifted their spirits. Honey, if you can finish this round, think how many hearts you can raise. This is your gift. I know you can do it. You are so strong.'”

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Nicks wrote the song “Illume (9/11)” about his experience in New York.

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