Stunning photos of foxes playing in Ocean City, NJ

Who said the Garden State wasn’t beautiful?

A New Jersey-based photographer had the opportunity to capture some of the most beautiful photos that show just how amazing Jersey is.

Add to the beauty of Ocean City some adorable foxes and you have all the evidence you need to prove Jersey’s beauty.

The photographer’s name is Paula Cella. She said that while she likes to make her clients happy, she also wants to make art that makes her happy.

“I wanted to start taking pictures for myself and pleasing my heart too. I invested in a beautiful telephoto lens for shooting wildlife and couldn’t be happier with the results I’m getting. I’ll take you with me on this journey for you to see wildlife like me…behind the lens.”

She gave us permission to share them in hopes that even more people will enjoy all that this state has to offer.

You can discover his work here.

Foxes perform on camera in Ocean City, NJ

A local New Jersey-based photographer captured the beauty of Jersey beaches perfectly when she had the chance to photograph foxes frolicking on Ocean City Beach.

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