Atlantis Paradise Island’s sweeping renovation of the sprawling mega-resort continues after delays caused by the 2020 pandemic outbreak. Currently focused on royal family towers, the project is revitalizing the luxury Bahamian property with a new Contemporary furnishings, services and amenities designed to complement the mega resort’s original ‘lost city ofRead More →

Heracleion or Thonis is one of the greatest underwater archaeological discoveries made – in its heyday it was Egypt’s largest trading port. While the lost city of Atlantis may never be found – or perhaps more likely, never existed in the first place, there are other lost submerged cities. TheRead More →

Stargate Atlantis was the first spin-off show set in the highly successful Stargate universe. The main plot of Stargate Atlantis followed a group of willing human soldiers and scientists who ventured through the Stargate on Earth to a brand new galaxy to search for the ancient lost city of Atlantis.Read More →

Dates with repeating numbers – much like Jewish holidays that coincide with Christian holidays, like Passover/Easter or Hanukkah/Christmas – happen randomly and rather rarely. In this case, 02/22/22 will be the last until January 11, 2111, which will not be for 89 years. To mark the occasion, Atlantis Paradise IslandRead More →

The mythical island, said to be a mighty naval power besieging ancient Athens, was first described by the Greek writer Plato in his texts “Timaeus” and “Critias”. In history, Athens repelled the Atlantean attack unlike any other nation in the known world, supposedly testifying to the superiority of ancient Greece.Read More →

Atlantis: expert reveals ‘evidence’ of Plato’s lost city The mythical island was first described by the Greek writer in his texts “Timaeus” and “Critias”, considered as an antagonistic naval power that besieged “ancient Athens”. In the story, Athens fends off the Atlantean attack unlike any other nation in the knownRead More →