The 14 Best Long Island Restaurants That Offer Vegetarian Dishes

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Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian, need to steer clear of meat for health reasons, or are just taking a meat-free vacation, you’ll be glad to know there are some great places to eat. Long Island in New York. to enjoy delicious dishes without meat. Some of the restaurants listed serve all kinds of dishes, including vegetarian specialties.

3 Brothers Vegan Cafe

Pizza topped with cashew milk cheese

3 Brothers Vegan Cafe

Opened in the summer of 2015, this restaurant is Long Island’s only all-vegan restaurant. Owned by Jay Astafa of 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Farmingdale, this place is jam-packed for those who love delicious and healthy meals without meat or dairy.

3 Brothers Pizza Cafe

3 Brothers Pizza Cafe

3 Brothers Pizza Cafe

In 2009, 3 Brothers added a distinct premium vegan menu to its standard offerings of pizzas with meat toppings, making it a cozy spot ideal for vegan meals with carnivorous friends. The new menu includes appetizers like panko breaded zucchini sticks and eggplant rollatinis. There are also whole-wheat and gluten-free savory pastas, for example, whole-wheat crust with pesto sauce and more. There is also a decent wine list. In 2011, the restaurant received the PETA award for the best vegan pizza in the United States. Originally located in Rockville Center, the restaurant moved to Farmingdale in 2012.

House of Dosas

Indian dish

Hicksville is famous for its many Indian restaurants and shops. The House of Dosas is totally vegetarian and you will find many Indian families having their meals here. The restaurant specializes in South Indian cuisine and will honor your requests for mild or spicy dishes. As the name suggests, you are going to get a lot of dosas here. These large, paper-thin lentil pancakes can be ordered with toppings like onions and potatoes, or other savory ingredients. Their delicious vegetable curries range from eggplant curry to vegetable korma, cooked with coconut and mild spices.

Naturally good foods and coffee

salad boxes


Naturally Good Foods & Café is primarily a health food store, but there is take-out and you can enjoy your food at a few tables in the back of the store or at tables in the backyard. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch daily all year round and offers a wide range of fresh juices and smoothies. The muffins are fresh from the oven and there are multigrain pancakes as well as sprouted grain bagels for breakfast. For lunch, there are salads, platters and even tuna for non-vegetarians. Kids can choose from a delicious peanut butter and whole wheat banana wrap, grilled cheese on 7-grain bread, tofu doggies, and more.

Tiger Lily Cafe

Exterior of the Tiger Lily Café with terrace

Tiger Lily Cafe

Port Jefferson’s Tiger Lily Café has a retro ’60s look, and vegetarian dishes, as well as non-vegetarian meals, are served in a funky setting with psychedelic art. Music plays while you eat or stroll outside in warm weather on the deck. The juice bar offers soy smoothies, protein shakes, fresh juices, wheatgrass shots and more. If you need a caffeine fix, Tiger Lily’s also serves black and tan, mocha blanca, Tahitian vanilla chai, and Red Bull chai at the Java Bar.

Green Earth Natural Food Market

Green Earth Natural Foods

Green Earth Natural Foods

Green Earth is a health food market offering an informal front-of-store setting for delicious and nutritious foods. You can enjoy organic meals, fresh vegetable juices, smoothies and especially vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared on site. Try the oyster mushroom burger with pine nuts and vegetables. There’s the occasional turkey burger or tuna salad for those who prefer meat or fish.

Located in Riverhead, the cafe is a great place to go before or after visiting the nearby Long Island Aquarium or taking an Atlantis Explorer Tour boat cruise.

Bob’s Natural Foods

Bob's Natural Foods - Long Beach, NY

Bob’s Natural Foods – Long Beach, NY

Located in Long Beach, Bob’s Natural Foods is a well-stocked natural food store with a cozy cafe in the back. Established in 1975, it is Long Island’s oldest independent health food store. Choose from delicious wraps like the avocado and hummus wrap or a multitude of salads. Plus, there are delicious smoothies to suit all tastes. You can also buy organic juices, wheatgrass, etc.

Jandi Natural Market and Organic Coffee

Jandi' natural market and organic coffee

Jandi’ natural market and organic coffee

Jandi’s Natural Market & Organic Cafe offers a wide variety of healthy foods, including gluten-free, raw, and organic foods. Located in Oceanside, Jandi’s is a 6,000 square foot health food supermarket and includes a small cafe in the back of the store where you can relax at a table to enjoy food and fresh juices, tea and more from their vegetarian deli counter.

The dolphin bookstore and café

The dolphin bookstore and café

The dolphin bookstore and café

This cozy cafe is located inside the Port Washington Dolphin Bookstore and offers casual vegetarian, sometimes vegan, and sometimes gluten-free fare.

Whole Foods Market, Jericho

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

It’s not exactly a restaurant, but if you’re craving some good, quick vegetarian food, you can buy a meal from the deli in this healthy food emporium and enjoy it on small tables just outside the store.

Cornucopia Natural Foods

fudge brownies

Cornucopia Natural Foods has a deli cafe with a menu that offers a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and raw foods. While the offerings are mostly vegetarian, your carnivorous friends can dine on organic, free-range meats. The juices and smoothies are organic-only, and the desserts, like the Peanut Butter Tofu Cheesecake, are all dairy-free and vegan.


Limani dining room

With a name like Limani, Greek for “port” or “harbour,” of course, this upscale restaurant specializes in Greek-style seafood. But if you look at the entrees, you’ll see that most are, indeed, vegetarian. There’s a mouth-watering plate of spreadable Greek salads, like skordalia, a divine blend of ground almonds and garlic; and melitzanosalata, mashed eggplant and garlic. The saganakior pan-fried kefalograviera Greek cheese, is also excellent.

As for the accompaniments, horta is a delicious blend of cooked red, white and golden Swiss chard, escarole, dandelions and spinach. White and green asparagus are steamed and drizzled with a vinaigrette, as are roasted red and yellow peppers.

Iavarone Coffee

Selection of pizzas at Iavarone Café

Formerly known as Fratelli Iavarone Café & Backroom Trattoria, the renowned upscale restaurant Iavarone Café serves delicious Italian cuisine. For vegetarians, that means lots of meatless savory starters and side dishes. Order the superbly prepared polenta from the trattoria with a delicate mushroom and gorgonzola sauce. With a starter or two like this, you won’t miss a meat starter.

After eating, drop by Iavarone Brothers Foods next door and pick up some great Italian staples. You’ll find plenty of meatless choices to take home.