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What Happens When You Power an Artificial Intelligence every episode of Atlantis Stargate then ask him to write a script? It’s a bit wacky, a bit unexpected and a lot of fun. And this time, the first event is completely free.

This fall, The Companion is bringing back its “Stargate AI” project for version 3.0 – and this time it’s Atlantis‘ shoot in the spotlight. Four of the cast from the show will come together for a one-time read of the AI-generated scenes: Torri Higginson like Dr. Elizabeth Weir, David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay, Rachel Lutrell like Teyla Emmagan, and Paul McGillion like Dr. Carson Beckett.

The event will premiere at The Companion on Saturday October 8 to 2 p.m. Pacific (5 p.m. Eastern). It is hosted by Lawrence Kao of The Companion, with Atlantis Stargate co-creator Brad Wright and Google AI senior counsel Laurence Moroney.

This event will be available for free, rather than locked behind a subscription. Simply create a free account on The Companion to access it (no need to enter payment details, or time a trial subscription just right).

Watch this exclusive 3-minute trailer for a taste of what to expect:

Past events have featured table reads with SG-1‘s cast, and with a mixture of SG-1 and Atlantis casts and figures.

This event will bring another important addition to the AI ​​series: Moroney will also show off a stunning array of AI-generated imagery, some based on real-time prompts from the cast and generated in just minutes.

The AI ​​art presents a very different take on the lost city of the Ancients, as well as haunting takes on some of our favorite characters and the actors who portray them. Check out some examples below.

Along with hilarious situations and AI-created dialogue, this time around fans can expect a bit of drama in the scenes played out – thanks to a more sophisticated storyline generated using a large language model, formed not only by stargate scripts but also with all the texts available on the Internet.

Head over to The Companion to sign up, and we’ll see you at the watch party on October 8!

Stargate Atlantis AI Art: Torri Higginson (The Companion)

Stargate Atlantis AI Art: David Hewlett (The Companion)

Stargate Atlantis AI Art (The Companion)