The committee wants to change the form of government in Atlantic City, NJ

The Atlantic City Independence Committee has confirmed to us that a petition has been circulating in Atlantic City for two months.

The purpose of the petition is to change the current partisan form of government of mayor and council to a non-partisan format that would take place in May.

This would eliminate the June and November primary elections for Atlantic City mayor and council only.

Atlantic City voters would continue to participate in the June primary and general elections for all other contests.

The Committee states that a change in the form of government will mean “less control, less corruption, and less manipulation of influences outside Atlantic City.”

Their goal is to place this issue on the next general election ballot on November 8, 2022.

If successful, the new form of government will come into effect with elections for mayor and council in May 2023.

Who is the Atlantic City Independence Committee?

“The ACIC (Atlantic City Independence Committee) is a community watchdog group, whose mission is to inform, educate and consult with municipal, county, state, regional and federal agencies on behalf of residents of ‘Atlantic City on all matters that affect their lives.”

The committee told us they believe the current mayor (Marty Small) is detached from reality and not focused on the major pocket issues affecting Atlantic City residents.

Straight from the petition, here are the specific things the Committee wants to address in changing the form of government:

  • Change Atlantic City’s election process for our local elected officials (Mayor and City Council ONLY) from partisan elections (Democrats and Republicans) to non-partisan elections, held once every two years in May.
  • A living wage of twenty ($20.00) dollars an hour for residents of Atlantic City.
  • A percentage of cannabis revenue generated by the Atlantic City government will be set aside for Atlantic City seniors.

The committee of petitioners tasked with circulating this change of government action is as follows:

  • Andra Williams
  • Matthieu Diullio-Jusino
  • Karim Ullah
  • Oveta Thompson
  • jennifer speed

We got a copy of the petition. It’s here:

The Committee did not disclose the number of Atlantic City voter signatures it has obtained to date.

However, they let us know that the number is significant and that residents have told them they are unhappy with the current government structure in Atlantic City.

If you wish to contact the committee:

Spokesperson is Andra Williams for Nonpartisan Election Effort (609) 892-8943 or Tracy Thompson, Director of Communications, ACIC- (609) 318-

Email to: or phone (609) 318-4898

The committee has created a website at and they are on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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