The History of Atlantis | wonder

Defenders of the Deep

After years of enduring the pollution and subsequent destruction of his underwater kingdom, Namor declared open war on the surface world in AVENGERS (2018) #9. Namor has brought together many of his aquatic allies and enemies as Defenders of the Deep to protect Atlantis and defend the oceans from humanity’s pollution and neglect. The team has clashed with the Avengers, Winter Guard, and Squadron Supreme of America, and Namor also faced Agents of Atlas in ATLANTIS ATTACKS (2020).

After the sub suffered several embarrassing setbacks, the Atlanteans revolted against Namor in AVENGERS (2018) #49. As the Atlanteans confronted him, the Winter’s Watch Red Widow and a seemingly brainwashed She-Hulk attacked Atlantis. After Red Widow planted a gamma bomb to destroy Atlantis and kill almost all of its population, She-Hulk ordered Namor to evacuate Atlantis and single-handedly absorbed the bomb blast. . The 12,000 citizens of Atlantis scattered across the oceans and Namor joined the Avengers, where Captain America took him into the team’s custody for his recent actions.

As it did in the years after its sinking, Atlantis now stands empty, with its population “free-swimming” around the world’s oceans. However, Atlantis still carries a heavy history, and it’s only a matter of time before it rises again.

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