‘The mystery is up with the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis’, Twitteratti shocked after Mohammed Salah had another disappointing week

Liverpool got off to a shaky start in the last edition of the Premier League until today when they beat Bournemouth and announced as loud a finish as ever, equaling their own record for goals in a single game in the Premier League. However, Juergen Klopp will still have one major problem to deal with and that’s Mohammed Salah. Despite Liverpool’s plenty of goals, Mo Salah still couldn’t get involved in the numbers and that’s highly unusual for the Egyptian prop.

The Liverpool winger managed to find his way onto the scoresheet, but it wasn’t a particularly sweet finish with a rebound of sorts. The world has seen better goals from the forward and somehow this season has failed to produce the big man’s much-needed numbers despite his relentless drive-ins in defense opponent.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about Mohammed Salah

Liverpool trampled Bournemouth in a compelling showdown where they slammed home a staggering 9 goals which, to this day, remains the most goals in an all-around. Roberto Firmino netted a hat-trick while the Brazilian also found the back of the net twice.

It was Luis Diaz who opened the scoring for the Reds while it was the same man who closed the scoring at Anfield after a remarkable afternoon. However, there was a great deal of anger and displeasure over Mohammed Salah’s lack of numbers which was fueled by Liverpool’s false start to the season while further vitriol was poured in after fancy owners who expected the choices for the Egyptian king to become great were left to the streets.

Twitter absolutely did not take this failed form of Salah lightly and came out with a meme storm like no other. Here are the ten most hilarious tweets about Mohammed Salah after another barren night at Anfield.