Theory: MCU Illuminati Will Replace Avengers After Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is heading our way very soon and there is End of Game levels of possibilities for what might happen in this one. It will be utter madness when Wanda wreaks havoc on the multiverse. After the end of Wanda Vision, her next logical step should be to find a reality where her children are alive. And here she might stumble upon the multiversal Illuminati, as the latest trailer for Doctor Strange 2. But my theory is that in a twisted way, the Illuminati will replace the Avengers in the MCU.

The Multiversal Illuminati

The recent trailer hinted at nearly every member of the Illuminati entering the mix. We heard Professor X from Patrick Stewart. The Ultron Sentinels have teased Tom Cruise’s Iron Man superior. We saw Maria Rambeau’s Captain Marvel variant fight Wanda. Master Mordo was seen stepping on the chairs of Illuminati members and he was fighting Doctor Strange. The official movie poster also hinted that Captain Carter would appear. So, she could be the fifth member. Black Bolt is a supposed member, and then there’s the obvious one, which is Mr. Fantastic. So there could be a total of 6-7 members in the team.

I believe that to establish the Scarlet Witch as a true threat to all multiversal realities, Marvel will have her kill most of these Illuminati members. This Illuminati team should not be expected to survive the film. Although this does not mean the end of their brand itself. Multiverse of Madness presents “a” Illuminati in order to establish “The Illuminati!” What I mean is, at the end of Doctor Strange 2, we might get an MCU-based Illuminati, and they’ll be the true replacement for the Avengers.

The Last Avengers Movie

Recently, Kevin Feige said that Avengers: Endgame was the “last avengers movie.” He said, “Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have now passed their tenth anniversary and with the release of the final Avengers film, we have finally completed a 22-film Infinity Saga.”

We all thought a Secret Wars Avengers project was entirely inevitable. But we also know that Feige’s use of words is very particular each time. So End of Game could very well be the last Avengers movie because the big boss has something else up his sleeve. It’s none other than the Illuminati. They could replace the Avengers team and the franchise itself. Of course, I mean Avengers is an established brand and any movie with an Avengers title would break the bank. But let me give you a perspective for The Illuminati.

The MCU’s Illuminati will replace the Avengers

This is an alliance formed by the leaders of all of Marvel’s major wings. In the books, we had Iron Man (representing the Avengers), Namor (the King of Atlantis), Black Bolt (the Inhuman King), Professor X (leader of the X-Men), and Doctor Strange (the Sorcerer Supreme) . Other members came and went as well, but these 6 were prominent and united all factions of the Marvel groups under one name. And that’s what the MCU desperately needs right now.

End of Game united all the heroes under the Avengers banner. We had Guardians, the OG Avengers, other heroes, Wakandans, Sorcerers, Asgardians, and Ravagers fighting as Avengers. But there are even more hero teams that come into the mix. We have the Fantastic Four, X-Men, a British team and several others forming their unions. All of them would be spread across the world, fighting battles on different fronts. But after what Wanda does in Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange should realize that the MCU needs its own Illuminati.

The M o M trailer showed us the statue of a Doctor Strange variant, which suggested that this variant statue may have started the Multiversal Illuminati team. So now our Doctor Strange might also be looking for Illuminati members of the MCU. We could have Carol Danvers representing the cosmic front. Sam Wilson could be the leader of the Avengers. Namor will soon transition from antagonist to protagonist, so he should step into the picture. Mr. Fantastic would be a member once he was introduced. Wakanda’s next leader may or may not be brought in as the sixth member. And when the MCU’s Earth-199999 Professor X finally shows up, he could be on the team as well.

Why good?

The Illuminati will replace the Avengers

The basic basis of this team would be to unite all the heroes against threats like the Scarlet Witch. What she does next will have permanent consequences. So to prevent beings like her from endangering the universe/multiverse again, we will have a new Illuminati lineup, and possibly a franchise with that name. They might be the only team that could deliver something as big as this Endgame battle sequence. And their first threats could be a World Breaker Hulk, or maybe Kang the Conqueror.

Do you think Marvel can actually replace the Avengers with the Illuminati? Can this team become as big as the Avengers? Let us know in the comments.