This Latest Monkeypox Vaccine Conspiracy Theory Might Be The Dumbest Thing We’ve Ever Heard

Posed by the model (Photo: Shutterstock)

A citizen of Gay Twitter™ has just shot down the latest monkeybox vaccine conspiracy theory like only a citizen of Gay Twitter™ could.

Long story short: Apparently, there are people who believe that the government only encourages MSM to get vaccinated so they can track them for some unknown and deeply sinister reason.

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Of course, that’s bullshit. MSM are encouraged to get vaccinated as this is the community that has so far been most affected by the virus. But there is no evidence to suggest it will remain confined to one group.

In fact, it is extremely common for a virus outbreak to start in one community before spreading to the entire population.

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“People think the government is using monkeypox vax information to create a gay registry,” Twitter user @oomfmagazine tweeted this week. “Honey, you’re on Grindr, Scruff AND Sniffies, you don’t have to worry about your name ending up on an f-word list.”

We would add that if you stream drag race at home, follow Colton Haynes on Instagram or read Queerty, you’re probably on this fictional list too.

Now some answers…

On a more serious note: As of Tuesday, July 26, 2022, the total confirmed number of monkeypox cases in the United States was 3,591. You can stay up to date on the spread in your area by checking this CDC Mapwhich tracks cases by state.

Currently, two types of smallpox vaccines are used to combat monkeypox. Past data suggests that they are both up to 85% effective, although the CDC says there are no data on the effectiveness of either vaccine for the current outbreak.

Vaccines are rare, but the Department of Health and Human Services said 786,000 additional doses are ready to ship and will roll out to the United States by the end of the month.

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