Trey Anastasio and father John Misty join Goose at Radio City Music Hall

Photo via Goose’s Facebook page

Trey Anastasio and father John Misty both attended goose last night at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The show was the Connecticut Breed Quintet’s second performance at the iconic venue; Friday’s Radio City engagement included appearances by longtime Antibalas member and former Arcade Fire touring contributor Stuart Bogie on tenor saxophone, Dave Nelson on trombone and D. James Goodwin, who produced their latest album. drip fieldon the guitar.

Last night’s Goose show opened with an acoustic set, which included the band’s first known cover of Arcade Fire’s ‘Wake Up’ – which the indie-rock icons performed with David Bowie at Radio City in 2005 – as well as Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” amidst a set of originals. During Goose’s second set, father John Misty emerged to help Goose through his own “I’m Writing a Novel”. Goose started covering the popular Fear Pleasure follow during their pandemic creative streams in 2020 and have since added it to their repertoire. During a closing “Creatures,” multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach also drew inspiration from Tame Impala, which he was at Radio City according to a recent Relix blanket and other rock bands and headed to one of the venue’s side balconies to perform during the song’s jam.

Confirming the rumors that have been circulating all day, Anastasio joined Goose for most of their third set, which stretched into the morning. The Phish guitarist emerged after “Silver Rising” for some of Goose’s best-known originals, sitting on “Hungersite”, “Arcadia”, “Dripfield”, “Loose Ends” and “The Empress of Organos”. Then, for the evening’s encore, Anastasio and Tillman returned for a version of The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Tillman, who played drums in early Fleet Foxes, opted to sit behind the kit for selection.

Goose will perform at High Sierra on June 30.