Watch: GREAT WHITE performs with new vocalist ANDREW FREEMAN in Atlantic City

Video filmed by fans of GREAT WHITEconcert from June 11 to Orange Loop Rock Festival at the Showboat Festival Grounds in Atlantic City, New Jersey can be seen below.

At the end of last month, GREAT WHITE announced that he had separated from the singer Mitch Malloy and replaced it with Andrew Freeman (LAST IN LINE). Malloy had been in GREAT WHITE for almost four years, having joined the group in 2018 following the departure of Terry Ilous.

In a new interview with Dr Music, GREAT WHITE guitarist Mark Kendall said of the band’s latest addition: “[Andrew] sitting with us, I mean maybe about eight months ago [when Mitch wasn’t able to make the show]; we played with FOREIGN North [in Modesto, California in October of 2021]. And he blew us away. So at that point, we kind of knew we wanted it. But because he was doing something and we were very busy… [there was] not enough time to rehearse and stuff like that. And we saw that window of opportunity, [and] he was totally into it.”

kendall continued, “There are also a lot of different sides to his voice, so he’s not one-dimensional, even though he delivers the LAST IN LINE thing [like] a metal howler in your face. But he can sing a ballad like Satan; I mean, it’s a killer. So that’s what I like. Her voice is so well rounded. And man, he vibrates at a frequency that you like to be around – he’s just this cool dude. There’s no nonsense, no egos, no weird trips or anything, so you feel the brotherhood forming right away. And that’s what we love. We want to be a group – all of us together – going places together, doing things together and just enjoying each other. No weird trips. Because we’ve been through it all. If someone’s a little funny, it’s, like, ‘Really?’ It’s almost like seeing cocaine, you’re like, ‘Do you still have that?’ [Laughs] So any kind of weird head trip we just don’t understand.

“So, yeah, we love it,” kendall added. “We can’t wait for the fans to hear this guy sing some of our great songs. And we’re really excited about making new music, because I got a lot of stuff, Michael [Lardie, guitar/keyboards] has many things. We did things together and we just didn’t put it all together. But now we have this guy who can do it all. Trust me, man, we want to have something with him on it, because it’s gonna be ridiculous.”

As for Michaeldeparture, To mark said: “We were going separate ways in the sense that he was always on his own; he didn’t really talk to us much. He just sort of introduced himself… That’s just not the way a band works, Insofar as were concerned. He’s a wonderful singer. I don’t think he’s used to not being in control because he’s been a solo artist for so many years. He’s a lovely guy. I really liked him. I think some of our songs are a bit out of his reach, so it’s a bit difficult. But nothing really heavy – no big, huge fights. Nothing ever came to blows, if you will. [Laughs] It was therefore out of the question.

“We canceled a concert – or we were going to have to cancel a concert for him to make a VAN HALEN show, a tribute show,” kendall Explain. “He warned us about it. But when FOREIGN canceled [our show with them] due to something COVID we rescheduled the date and it fell just when he was going to do this VAN HALEN show that he warned us. So whatever, it was probably pretty hard for him to pull through. But it ended up being a blessing for us because we had Andrew fill. When we heard him do this show… And the whole band FOREIGN was on the side of the stage going, ‘Oh my God, man. It’s rather good. So it was nice of them to acknowledge that we had a good show. That’s when the seed of the idea was, like, ‘Dude. God.'”

kendall went on to say that he doesn’t think Malloy is upset to be out of GREAT WHITE. “He loves his solo career” To mark said. “I saw his message [about his exit from GREAT WHITE] where he said, “Get ready for my VAN HALEN live. And I’m going to do an acoustic show, a storytelling show and all that. So I encourage people to go see him when he arrives in your area and I wish him well.”

When asked if he and his castmates had thought about reuniting with the original GREAT WHITE singer Jack Russell, To mark said, “That’s the other thing. [People say,] ‘Why not make it right with Jack?’ What people don’t understand is that we never even fought [with Jack]. In 25 years together, we’ve had maybe two fights. What brought him out were the horrible demons of addiction, and it really affected his health. I just saw a video the other day where he’s not even standing – he’s using wheelchairs and he’s sitting on a stool. So for us, going back to that, it looks grim. I prefer to remember him… Because I’m very proud of our career — I’m very proud of the past. I am so lucky to be part of it. And I want to remember it like this, where he flies around the stage and gets the crowds pumping and singing with all his heart – not a sick person. So let’s go…

“My goal has always been to put on the best show possible and have the fans be beyond impressed,” kendall Explain. “And the way Andrew sings, I really like the way he delivers the songs, because that’s what you want to hear. So it’s important to me, just that the songs – the great songs, especially – are sung properly and with all their power. That’s all – it makes us play better, believe it or not. So that’s it for me.

GREAT WHITEThe current range of is supplemented by Audie Desbrow (battery) and Scott Snyder (low).

Ilousleader of 80s LA hard rockers X Y Zjoined GREAT WHITE in 2010 after replacing the singer on tour Jani Lane (TO GUARANTEE).

The Ilous-LEDs GREAT WHITE released two albums, 2012 “Joy” and 2017 “Full Circle”before Sponge was kicked out of the group.

This version of GREAT WHITE should not be confused with JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITEwhich includes Russell next to Robby Lochner (STRUGGLE) on the guitar, Dan McNay on bass, Tony Montana on guitar and Dicki Fliszar to the battery.