What to know before attending the 2022 Atlantic City Airshow

How many planes can fly over Atlantic City beach, promenade and ocean in four or five hours?

Spectators planning to attend the August 24 Meet AC Atlantic City Airshow 2022 “Thunder Over the Boardwalk” will find out.

The tentative start time is 11 a.m. and there is no rain date.

Each year, the airshow attracts a estimated at 500,000 people.

The midweek event also allows people to take time off and plan a vacation stay at the Atlantic City casino hotel for the next few days.

There is a lot to know about the airshow, starting from scratch. Here’s a rundown of what AC visitors need to know before attending this year’s show.

Who are some of the performers at the AC 2022 Airshow?

The Atlantic City Airshow is the world’s premier midweek beachfront airshow.

The acts are comprised of several high performance military and civilian aircraft and helicopters from across the country.

Flying to Atlantic City for the first time in five years is the US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet “Rhino” East Coast Demonstration Team.

More military flights include the Air Force Thunderbirds and the The Golden Knights Army Parachute Team.

Best Atlantic City Air Show Viewing Areas

Finding a cool place to watch the air show could mean the top of a building, a hotel window, or just stepping outside. The air show is easy to watch from any angle, including on a boat or atop the famous steel jetty ferris wheel.

The Flight Line Club provides a VIP chalet on the beach in the center of the air show flight path.

The private viewing area (located on the beach and on Bellevue Avenue) includes a shaded tent, tables and chairs, and is near the restrooms. Not all seats are reserved and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The Flightline Club opens at 10 a.m. and food and beverage service begins at 11:30 a.m. Tickets are $75 per person (children under 5 are free).

Early Monday afternoon, there were only “a few seats” left.

Is it difficult to find parking for the Atlantic City Airshow?

Parking lots are located throughout the Atlantic City complex.

Metered parking is available along Atlantic Avenue and the machines use credit cards for payment.

The Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce The website offers a parking map with places to check for paid parking, including:

  • Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall on Mississippi Avenue and the Boardwalk
  • Michigan Avenue Convention Center Garage
  • Ohio Avenue parking lot (Ohio and Baltic)
  • The Wave parking lot (Mississippi and Fairmount avenues)
  • Tangier Outlets The Walk car park
  • Claridge Hotel Garage (107 South Ohio Ave.)
  • Stockton University Parking Lot, 101 S. Lincoln Place

Why is “Thunder over the Boardwalk” so important?

The first show was on August 27, 2003, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of powered flight.

Crowds have increased every year since the addition to the city’s tourism and economy, said the president of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber Michael Chait.

Chait said the air show is unique.

“I think people come back every year because of the excitement and thrill of watching the air show on the beach over the ocean and the fact that it’s a free event,” he said. he declares.

Meet AC President and CEO larry seig agreed.

“Visitors flock to our destination for this iconic event every year and they can’t wait to cheer as planes dive and dive over the Atlantic Ocean,” he said.

Civil air acts join the 2022 program

Chris Thomas Air Shows, Paul Dougherty Air Shows, Full-throttle training team and Jim Beasley will take off over Atlantic City.

Chris Thomas of Chris Thomas Airshows is a third generation pilot. He got his pilot’s license at age 17 with his father, who was his flight instructor.

At this year’s AC Airshow, Thomas will perform a low-level aerobatic routine in a 1941 North American SNJ-2.

David Schultzpresident and owner of David Schultz Airshows, wants everyone who comes to the Atlantic City Airshow to enter “aviation overload.”

“The one thing our company is known for and the thing our company has the most fun doing is keeping it so fast and amazing for the audience,” he said.

The Full Throttle Training Team will perform for the first time at the 2022 Atlantic City Airshow. Based in Georgia, the pilots make up America’s largest precision training team.

“The team is honored to join the stellar lineup for our first performance at Thunder Over the Boardwalk, and we would like to make this air show our annual tradition,” said Dean “Gumby” Marvin with the members of his crew.

For Paul, Caroline and Emily Dougherty, flying is a family affair. Paul Dougherty of Dougherty Airshows has been organizing air shows since 1998.

“I love what I do,” said Paul Dougherty. “I can’t imagine doing anything else.”