Why Miona isn’t impressed with Jibri’s Rapid City home

Miona and Jibri adjust to life together in South Dakota on 90DF Season 9. Here’s why Miona is unhappy with their living situation.

Miona Bell struggled to adjust to life in the United States 90 days Fiance, and there are several reasons why she was particularly impressed with Jibri Bell’s Rapid City residence. According to Jibri, he and Miona met while his band, the Black Serbs, were performing at EXIT Festival 2019 in Miona’s home country of Serbia. After spotting Miona in the crowd, the two met and quickly fell in love with each other, with Jibri assuring Miona that she would live the life of a successful musician’s wife. Unfortunately, this statement has no correlation with Miona and Jibri’s trip to 90 day fiance so far, which has created drama in their relationship.

Recent episodes of the hit TLC show showed Miona moving into Jibri’s home in South Dakota, and viewers could immediately tell the 23-year-old was less than impressed. In fact, her apprehension was clear before Miona set foot at Rapid City after Jibri called her while she was still in Serbia. Although Jibri hinted to Miona that they would enjoy their life as a couple in Los Angeles before the big move, he explained to his fiancée that he would like to start their marriage in South Dakota to save money. Although Miona explained that she was looking to enjoy life in big American cities, the 90 day fiance The star was eventually swayed by Jibri’s phone call and traveled to South Dakota.

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Although Jibri and Miona are now together on 90 day fianceOne of the main reasons Miona is unhappy living in the Midwest with Jibri is that the star made her expectations clear before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Coming from Serbia, which has a population of about 7 million, Miona explained to Jibri, who sold her ripped pants, that she was not moving to the United States, which has a population of about 330 million, to continue living. small town life. . Passionate about makeup, beauty, and fashion, Miona seeks to live a great life in a big city and expand her relationships. While Jibri assures Miona that the move to Rapid City is only temporary, Miona is also unimpressed that Jibri seems to be changing her plans at the last minute.

Miona and Jibri Bell from 90 Day Fiancé Season 9

Having her Californian dreams squashed was hard enough, but Miona found it even harder adjusting to living not just with Jibri but her parents, Mahala and Brian. Although Miona explained to 90 day fiance viewers that Jibri’s parents are kind, she found Jibri’s mother more strict than expected. Mahala immediately gave the couple the house rules and hoped they would maintain the household. Although Miona has taken on her new cooking and cleanliness responsibilities, the Serbian beauty had imagined a different start to life in the United States and is clearly looking for the big city she dreams of.

Although Miona and Jibri were a fan-favorite couple on 90 day fiance, viewers are convinced the 28-year-old lied to Miona about his lifestyle and wealth. From their social media profiles, it appears that Jibri and Miona still live in Rapid City, South Dakota. since they also share the same last name, viewers wonder if the couple is married. The current cast of 90 day fiance wasn’t a huge hit with fans, but Jibri and Miona’s story is definitely the one that sparked viewers’ interest.

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90 day fiance season 9 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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