Why Wakanda is at war with Atlantis

While it’s clear from the new Wakanda Forever trailer that war is coming with Namor and Atlantis, what turned the mighty nations of the MCU into rivals?

The first trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever confirms that the nations of Wakanda and Atlantis will be at war in the upcoming MCU movie, though the exact cause of their conflict remains unclear. With Namor debuting as the Sea King in the comics, it’s clear from the new trailer that he and his people have a major vendetta with the African nation of Black Panther. While there are still many mysteries to be unraveled, the new black panther 2 The trailer provides some key details that could reveal the source of the tensions between the two mighty kingdoms.

Most new wakanda forever trailer focuses on the death of T’Challa and the loss of the Black Panther. As such, the majority of the trailer’s footage sees Queen Ramonda, Princess Shuri, Nakia and more mourn the loss of their king while celebrating his life with a Wakandan funeral – which will be without a doubt. doubt a fitting tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman. However, the trailer’s introduction of Namor and his people offers the best insight into what fans can expect from the film’s plot, which will culminate with a new hero taking on the mantle of Black Panther.


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Although he’s often portrayed as an anti-hero in the comics as the King of Atlantis, the MCU’s version of Namor will likely be more misguided in his war with Wakanda. Whether it’s because of an unfairly blamed Wakanda lightweight or a third party working behind the scenes against both nations, there’s a good chance that wakanda forever the conflict will look like Captain America: Civil War, where the Avengers were manipulated into fighting by Baron Zemo before learning the truth. Here’s what we know about the War of Atlantis based on the new wakanda forever trailer.

How The Black Panther Wakanda Forever Trailer Teases The Cause Of War

After the scenes in the trailer depicting T’Challa’s funeral, Namor is officially introduced to the MCU. Dressed in an Aztec-inspired version of his costume from the comics, the half-human, half-Atlantean warrior leads several blue-skinned Atlanteans into battle on what appears to be the shores of Wakanda. Riding whales and flooding the throne room of Wakanda itself, it’s clear that Namor is ready to end the mighty nation once and for all. One of the most intense moments in the new trailer sees Wakanda’s Dora Milaje leap into battle with several Atlantean warriors who are presumably infiltrating the African nation.

However, the main clues to the root cause of Atlantis’ war with Wakanda are the blueprints showing some kind of Wakandan facility or laboratory disguised as an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. As such, Wakanda may be searching for more vibranium in the sea, or even a way to regrow the heart-shaped grass that gives Black Panther his power (all of which have been destroyed by Killmonger in the first Black Panther). Either way, this facility could potentially be seen as an intrusion into Namor’s kingdom, especially if something disastrous happens – the facility appears to be under attack by Unknown Soldiers.

Who is the secret villain of Black Panther 2?


Although the identity of these soldiers is currently unknown, their attack appears to have a purpose, as they are seen forcing the Wakandans to unlock some sort of high-tech device. This could warrant a response from Atlantis if it proves a threat to Namor and his undersea nation. As such, Wakanda could easily be blamed should an incident occur. This could be precisely what an as yet unrevealed villain wants: to create war and damage relations between the world’s most powerful nations.

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Namor’s classic villain Attuma has been confirmed for wakanda forever and could certainly be the one manipulating events behind the scenes. Desiring the crown of Atlantis for himself, Attuma could be cast as an ally of Namor, who secretly wishes to take his place following his potential death in a battle with the warriors of Wakanda. However, these soldiers attacking the base are human. As such, it’s possible that a rival nation such as Latveria could be behind the attack on Doctor Doom’s orders, providing a dynamic MCU start for the The Fantastic Four villain and dictator of the European nation. Likewise, Attuma and Doctor Doom have joined forces in the comics before. Perhaps by working together they hope to eliminate Wakanda and Namor simultaneously. While this is all conjecture and theory at this time, some nefarious third party or secret villain will likely be the real cause of the war seen in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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